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Male Dog Names

German, Nordic, and Russian

Adel - German - A noble person. This male dog holds his head very high.
Adler - German - Eagle-like.
Adolph - German - A noble wolf. This pet dog always does the right thing.
Alaric - German - The ruler of all people. This dog likes to boss the other dogs around.
Albern - German - A very noble warrior. This boy dog fights fair.
Aldo - German - Wise one. Other animals come to this dog for advice.
Alger - German - A noble spearman.
Alphonse - German - One who is noble and always ready.
Alvin - German - A true friend to all. This boy dog never meets a stranger.
Archibald - German - Royal and bold.
Armand - German - Guardian. An excellent guard dog name.
Arnett - German - Small eagle.
Arnold - German - Eagle's power.
Attila - The legendary king of the Huns who invaded Europe in the mid 400's A.D.
Axel - German - Peaceful.
Baikal - A huge lake in Siberia. The world's deepest freshwater lake. A great name for your Siberian Husky dog.
Baldwin - German - A fearless friend and protector. This boy dog will lay down his life for his master.
Ballard - German - Strength.
Baron - A European nobleman.
Barrett - German - Bear-courage.
Bernard - German - A person that's as brave as a bear.
Bjorn - Swedish - Courage of a bear.
Boris - Slavic - A proud fighter or warrior.
Carl - German - Man.
Clovis - German - A very famous warrior.
Conrad - German - A fearless counselor.
Copernicus - The famous Polish astronomer who discovered that the planets revolve around the sun.
Dag - Scandinavian - A person who shines as bright as the day. This dog lights up any room that he enters.
Damek - Slavic - A form of Adam. A great name for your 1st pet dog.
Dedrick - German - The ruler over all the people.
Dustin - German - A proud warrior. This male dog won't back down.
Eberhard - German - One who is as brave as a boar.
Edel - German - A distinguished person.
Einstein - "My name is relative."
Elbrus - A mountain in southwestern Russia.
Emery - German - An industrious ruler.
Emil - German - A very resourceful person. This dog gets the most out of his dog-biscuits.
Emmit - German - A hard worker.
Eric - The Norse explorer who discovered Greenland.
Ernst - German - Determined.
Ferdinand - German - Ferdinand V, king of Spain, was married to Isabella. They were backers of Christopher Columbus.
Franz - German - From France.
Frederick - German - Peaceful ruler.
Garth - Norse - A person who comes from the garden.
Gerald - German - Spear king.
Godfrey - German - God's peace.
Griswold - German - One who comes from the gray forest.
Gunnar - Nordic - Brave warrior.
Hackett - German - The little wood cutter. This dog enjoys a bed of wood-shavings.
Hamar - Scandinavian - A hammer. The boy dog that can lay down the law.
Hamlin - German - One who loves his home. There couldn't be a dog that is more content.
Handel - Famous composer who wrote the Messiah.
Harbin - German - A little shining fighter. A good name for the little breed of dog with a lot of spunk.
Hardy - German - An extremely adventurous person.
Hartman - German - Strong as a deer.
Harvey - German - The warrior of the army.
Heinrich - German - House ruler. This male dog demands the royal treatment.
Helsinki - The capital of Finland.
Henry - German - House ruler.
Herbert - German - Bright warrior.
Herman - German - Man of the army.
Igor - Scandinavian - Valiant.
Inger - Norse - The son's army.
Ingmar - Scandinavian - A famous son.
Ivan - Russian - God is gracious.
Jarman - German - A German. A great name for any German breed of dog.
Jarvis - German - A professional with a spear.
Jeffrey - German - Peace of God.
Johann - German - God is gracious.
Kafka - A famous Czech author. "The Metamorphosis" is one of his best known works.
Kaiser - German - Caesar. Your Doberman or Rottweiler dog would adore this pet name.
Kell - Scandinavian - One who comes from the spring.
Kelsey - Scandinavian - Person who comes from the ship-island.
Kiev - Capital of the Ukraine.
Kirby - Scandinavian - A dweller of the church village.
Klaus - Fits the Aryan race of dog just fine - German shepherd, Doberman, etc.
Krakow - A former capital of Poland.
Kremlin - The seat of government of the former Soviet Union. Your Siberian Husky dog would like this name.
Kristian - Swedish - Follower of Christ.
Ladoga - A large Russian lake that lies close to the Finnish border.
Lamar - German - One who is well known all over the land.
Lambert - German - The radiant land.
Lamont - Scandinavian - A lawyer. This dog represents you well.
Lang - Scandinavian - A very tall man. Your Great Dane dog would adore this name.
Lars - Scandinavian - Crowned with laurels.
Larson - Scandinavian - The son of Lars.
Latham - Scandinavian - Comes from the barns. A good name for the dog that lives on a farm.
Leif - Leif Ericson was a famous Norse explorer. An excellent name for any adventurous dog.
Leonard - German - Brave as a lion.
Luther - German - The famous warrior.
Did you know?
Dogs shed their undercoats in the warm summer months and grow them back in the cooler months of autumn.
Magyar - A descendant of the original settlers of Hungary.
Mandel - German - An almond. A great name for the dog that's a real nut.
Moritz - The Red Baron's dog.
Mozart - The prodigious pet.
Nikita - A wonderful name for your Siberian Husky dog.
Norbert - Scandinavian - The wise hero.
Obert - German - A wealthy and brilliant man.
Odolf - German - A very wealthy wolf.
Olaf - Norse - The name of several kings of Norway.
Oscar - Norse - A divine spear-man.
Otto - German - A prosperous person.
Panzer - German - Armor. This boy dog will guard you well.
Parsifal - The title character of a Wagnerian opera.
Penrod - German - A famous commander.
Quimby - Scandinavian - The dweller at the woman's estate.
Ragnar - Norse - A powerful army.
Rasputin - A Siberian mystic who helped bring about the downfall of the Russian empire. A wonderful name for your Siberian Husky dog.
Raymond - German - Wise guardian. An excellent name for any guard dog.
Richard - German - Strong ruler.
Roderick - German - Famous ruler.
Roger - German - Famous spear.
Roland - German - From the great land.
Rudolph - German - A famous wolf.
Saxon - An ancient Germanic tribe that invaded and conquered parts of Britain.
Searle - German - One who wears armor.
Sigmund - German - The champion protector.
Stefan - German - Crown.
Tab - German - A radiant and brilliant person. This confident dog exudes beauty.
Terrell - German - The thunder ruler.
Trigg - Scandinavian - A trustworthy person. You can tell this dog all of your deepest secrets.
Turpin - Scandinavian - The term meaning - a Finn named after Thor.
Ulf - German - The wolf. A dog that resembles his wild cousins.
Ulfred - German - A peaceful wolf. A dog, w/ no tolerance for strife, that resembles his wild cousins.
Ulger - German - A warring wolf. A dog, w/ no tolerance for peace, that resembles his wild cousins.
Ullock - German - A sporting wolf. A dog, w/ a love for games, that resembles his wild cousins.
Ulric - German - A wolf that rules. A dog, reigning supreme, that resembles his wild cousins.
Valdemar - German - A very famous ruler.
Vassily - Russian - Great protector.
Vladimir - Slavic - A famous prince.
Vladislav - Slavic - A glorious ruler over the people.
Volney - German - One who has has much national spirit.
Wagner - German - A professional wagon maker.
Waldo - German - King. This dog demands the royal treatment.
Walter - German - The general of the army.
Warren - German - Defender. A great name for any guard dog.
Wendell - German - Traveler.
William - German - Steadfast guardian. An excellent name for any guard dog.
Wolfgang - German - Rising wolf.
Ziv - Slavic - One who is vigorous and lively. A super name for your frisky dog.