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Girl Dog Names - German, Nordic, and Russian

Adelaide or Della - German - One with noble qualities. This girl dog always holds her head high.
Adolpha - German - The female form of Adolf, which means a noble wolf. She reminds you of her wild cousins.
Alice - German - One with noble qualities.
Aline - Russian - The shining one. This girl dog stands out in a pack.
Alisha - German - Someone having excellent qualities. This pure-bred dog is flawless.
Amelia - German - One who is industrious. This girl dog is always busy.
Astrid - Scandinavian - Power from God. A super guard dog name.
Babushka - Russian - Grandmother.
Bertha - German - Bright and strong.
Bolshoi - A famous Russian ballet company. An appropriate name for your graceful, ballerina-dog.
Christiane - German - A Christian.
Elsa - German - Princess. You treat this girl dog like royalty.
Emily - German - A hard worker. This dog earns her keep.
Emma - German - One who cares.
Etta - German - Small. A great name for any small breed of dog.
Felda - German - Of the fields. A good name for any sporting breed of dog.
Frederica - German - Queen. A good name for the dog that comes from champion blood lines.
Frieda - German - The dove. This girl dog brings peace.
Gerda - Nordic - A guardian. A great name for any guard dog.
Gretchen - German - A pearl.
Hedda - German - Division.
Heidi - "I'm the real Swiss Miss."
Helga - German - A person of God.
Hilda - German - Warrior maiden. This girl dog enjoys a good battle.
Ida - German - Hard working. This guard dog earns her keep.
Imelda - German - A fierce fighter. This dog will protect you no matter what.
Inga - "I come from the land of the ice and snow."
Ingrid - Scandinavian - A child of the hero.
Irma - German - A princess. This girl dog demands the royal treatment.
Karelia - A republic located in northwestern Russia, east of Finland.
Kirsten - German - A Christian.
Koruna - Czechoslovakian monetary unit.
Krona - Swedish monetary unit.
Kulak - A prosperous Russian farmer who opposed Soviet plans for the redistribution of lands. An appropriate dog name for your Siberian Husky.
Lala - Slavic - A tulip.
Lorelai - A high cliff on the Rhine where, according to German legend, a wicked nymph lures ships to wreck with her singing.
Louise - German - Battle maid. This girl dog doesn't mind a fight.
Did you know?
Dogs shed their undercoats in the warm summer months and grow them back in the cooler months of autumn.
Magda - A short, stocky dog.
Mallory - German - Wise in battle.
Marelda - German - Great warrior.
Mercedes - "I ooze luxury."
Millicent or Millie - German - Hard worker. This guard dog earns her dog biscuits.
Nadia - Slavic - Full of hope. This dog will lift your spirits every day.
Nastassia - Russian - Birthday.
Neda - Slavic - Born on Sunday.
Nissa - Scandinavian - A happy little girl.
Olga - Russian - Of God.
Radinka - Slavic - A girl who is full of energy and contentment. A wonderful name for your hyper-active dog.
Radmilla - Slavic - A worker for the people's interests.
Rolanda - German - From the great land.
Russia - The largest country in the world. Your Siberian Husky would greatly appreciate this name.
Sonja - Scandinavian - A wise counselor.
Tania - Russian - Queen of the fairies. A great name for any toy breed of dog.
Thora - A feminine form of Thor (the Norse god of thunder). Your very large and powerful dog would appreciate this name.
Troika - Russian - A group of three.
Uda - German - An extremely wealthy person. This dog always has a bone to spare.
Ulra - German - A female wolf. This dog greatly resembles her wild cousins.
Ulrica - German - A person who rules over all. A great name for your German breed of guard dog.
Ural - A mountain chain in western Russia. Your Siberian Husky dog would absolutely love this name.
Uta - German - A rich person.
Vala - German - The one that is chosen over all. You picked this dog out of a big litter.
Valda - German - One who governs or rules.
Valeska - Slavic - A glorious ruler.
Volga - A river in Russia that flows into the Caspian Sea.
Walda - German - A famous ruler. This German Shepherd dog is master of the backyard.
Wanda - German - A person who wanders. This girl dog just doesn't recognize her boundaries.
Wilda - German - An untamed person. A great name for the dog that is hard to train.
Wilhelmina or Willa - German - The diligent guardian. A fantastic name for your Rottweiller or German shepherd.
Winifred - German - A peaceful friend. This dog doesn't want any part of a dog-fight.
Winola - German - A very gracious and charming friend.
Zora - Slavic - An aurora or dawn. This dog brightens up any room that she enters.