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Girl Dog Names - African and Arabic

Abebi - African - A blessing. This girl dog is truly a gift from God.
Adara - Arabic - A maiden.
Aden - A gulf in the Arabian Sea.
Ahaggar - A chief mountain range in Africa.
Almira - Arabic - Full of truth. This girl dog cannot tell a lie.
Alula - Arabic - The first. A good name for your first girl dog.
Alzena - Arabic - Lady.
Ayeska - Arabic - Mohammed's most-loved wife.
Bab - Arabic - The keeper of the gate. A wonderful name for any guard dog.
Bibi - Arabic - Feminine.
Botswana - An African country.
Cairo - The capital of Egypt. An unusual name for an unusual dog.
Cameroon - An African country.
Cleopatra or Cleo - The famous queen of Egypt. A great name for the dog with many charms.
Congo - A large river in Africa.
Dervish - A member of a mystical Islamic religious order dedicated to fasting and poverty. They are known for their whirling dances. This little dog spins in circles sometimes.
Egypt - Another unusual name for your unusual dog.
Fatima - The name of Mohammed's daughter.
Gazelle - A great name for the dog that is very fast and graceful.
Ghana - A country in western Africa, along the Gold Coast.
Giza - Egyptian city near Cairo. It's home to the 3 largest and best preserved pyramids in Egypt.
Harem - That part of a Moslem household where the women live.
Houri - Islam - One of the many young, beautiful girls in Paradise. An appropriate name for any beautiful full-blooded dog.
Ibis - A long-legged bird related to the heron. The Egyptians regarded this bird as sacred. A fantastic name for any long-legged breed of dog.
Iman - Arabic - A believer in Mohammed.
Impala - A good name for a reddish-brown dog with long legs and great leaping abilities.
Jamila - Arabic - Lovely. This girl dog really turns heads.
Jidda - A seaport in Saudi Arabia located on the Red Sea.
Jordan - A country located just east of Israel.
Kaaba - The shrine at Mecca which is the most sacred of the Moslem shrines. You hold this dog as sacred.
Kalahari - One of the great deserts of Africa.
Kalila - Arabic - A sweetheart or loved one. This dog will forever be in your heart.
Kariba - One of the great lakes of Africa.
Kenya - A country in eastern Africa. It lies on the Indian Ocean.
Kinshasa - The capital of the African country of Zaire.
Kwacha - A Zambian monetary unit.
Leila - Arabic - Black. A good name for any solid-black dog.
Libya - An Arabic country located in northern Africa.
Mali - A country located in western Africa.
Mecca - The birthplace of Mohammed. Another good name for the dog that you hold sacred.
Medina - A city in Saudi Arabia. It is the site of Mohammed's tomb.
Naira - The monetary unit of Nigeria.
Namib - One of the great deserts of Africa.
Nefertiti - An ancient Egyptian queen who was the wife of Akhenaton. This dog will rule your household.
Niger - A river and country in Africa.
Nile - The longest river on Earth. It helped form the Egyptian civilization.
Nubia - Region in northeast Africa which includes parts of Egypt and the Sudan. It was once a kingdom.
Nyasa - One of the great lakes of Africa.
Oma - Arabic - A leader. This girl dog won't follow the pack.
Oman - A country located on the Arabian Sea.
Papyrus - A plant used by the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians as material for their documents.
Persia - "When you tried to catch me... IRAN."
Rabi - Arabic - The term for a springtime breeze. This dog adds a refreshing element to your life.
Sadira - Persian - A lotus tree.
Sahara - The name of the world's largest desert. It's located in northern Africa. A wonderful name for your sandy-colored dog.
Samba - This is a dance of Brazil which came from Africa. A good name for your dancing dog.
Sanura - Swahili - She resembles a kitten.
Savannah - This dog just loves wide-open areas full of grass.
Scarab - Ancient Egyptians used this beetle extensively in their ornamentation.
Senegal - A country in western Africa. It lies on the Atlantic Ocean.
Sheba -"I am the Arabian queen who appreciates true wisdom."
Sultana - A wife, mother, sister or daughter of a sultan. This dog is a very important canine.
Did you know?
The first 4 months of a dog's life are known as the Imprinting Phase. Much of a dog's personality and social skills are learned during this period of time.
Thebes - City of ancient Egypt. Located on the Nile.
Tibesti - A chief mountain range in Africa.
Togo - An African country.
Tugela - One of the largest waterfalls in Africa. This dog is always crying.
Ulima - Arabic - The wise one. A fantastic name for your wise-looking pet.
Vashti - Persian - Very beautiful. The other dogs fall in love with her.
Vega - Arabic - The falling star.
Victoria - One of the great lakes of Africa.
Watusi - The people of Burundi and Rwanda.
Xhosa - A certain group of people who live in South Africa.
Zada - Arabic - An extremely fortunate person. A great pet name for the dog that is adopted from an animal shelter.
Zambezi - One of the great rivers of Africa.
Zambia - A country located in southern Africa.
Zanzibar - An island off the eastern coast of Africa. It forms a part of Tanzania.
Zuleika - Arabic - A fair and brilliant person. This dog is part of an intelligent breed of canine.