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Male Dog Names T - Z

Tab - German - A radiant and brilliant person. This confident dog exudes beauty.
Tabasco - "I'm a ball of canine fire."
Tacitus - This Roman is considered one of the greatest historians who ever lived.
Tad - Welsh - A father. A wonderful name for the dog that you intend to breed one day.
Taggart - Irish - The son of the priest.
Taj - Urdu - A crown.
Tanco - An Irish monk and bishop who died in the 9th century. He became a saint.
Tanner - English - A person who works with leather.
Tantalus - Greek Mythology - A king who was punished and sent to the Lower world. He was constantly teased with water and fruit which were kept just out of his reach.
Tanton - English - One who comes from the still-river town.
Tarleton - English - A dweller of Thor's estate.
Tarrant - Welsh - Thunder. A super name for the boy dog with a great-booming bark.
Tarsus - A city that lies in southern Turkey. It's where St Paul was born.
Tarzan - "I'm the king of this jungle that you call a house."
Tate - English - A very cheerful person.
Taurus - The 2nd zodiac sign - represented by a bull. A wonderful name for your bulldog.
Tavis - Scottish - Twin.
Taz - This boy dog reminds you of a brown furry cyclone.
T-Bone - A dog that kind of resembles a cow.
Tedmond - English - He is a fierce protector.
Telly - English - This dog loves to lay in front of the television.
Templeton - English - A town near the temple.
Tequila - "I came all the way from Mexico to show you a good time."
Terence - Latin - Smooth.
Terrell - German - The thunder ruler.
Tex - "Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam. And the skies are not cloudy all day."
Thaddeus - Greek - Brave. This male dog will never back down.
Thaddeus - One of the 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ.
Thatcher - English - One who repairs roofs.
Theodore - Greek - A gift from God. You feel like your pet dog is truly a blessing from God.
Theseus - Greek Mythology - A great king of ancient Athens.
Thespis - Ancient Greek actor and playwrite. This dog knows how to put on a show.
Thomas - The Apostle who initially doubted Jesus. A great name for the boy dog that doesn't always respond on the 1st command.
Thomas - The patron saint of architects.
Thor - Norse Mythology - The god of thunder. This boy dog has a great booming bark.
Thorn - "I've been known to scratch the hand that feeds me."
Thorpe - English - A person who comes from the village.
Thumper - The rabbit character in Disney's "Bambi."
Thurston - English - Son of Thor.
Tiberius - He was the 2nd emperor of Rome and reigned during the life of Jesus Christ.
Tibesti - A large mountain range in Africa.
Tiger - "Sometimes, I'm a ferocious little dog."
Tigger - A good name for your brindle-coated dog.
Timothy - The mouse character in Disney's "Dumbo."
Timothy - An early convert of St. Paul. He was stoned to death for his faith.
Titan - Greek Mythology - A giant. A wonderful name for any large breed of dog.
Titus - Greek - Of the giants. A good name for any large-breed of dog.
Titus - The patron saint of Crete.
Tobias - Hebrew - God is good.
Togo - A country in Africa.
Tolstoy - The famous Russian writer. His best known works are "War and Peace" and "Anna Karenina." Your Siberian Husky dog would adore this name.
Tonka - Your tough little doggie.
Topper - "Anything you can do, I can do better."
Torero - Spanish - A bullfighter.
Toro - "I'm your favorite little bulldog."
Toto - This dog likes to pull stuffing out of scarecrows.
Tracy - Irish - Fighter.
Trajan - A Roman emperor who was born in Spain and expanded the Empire.
Tramp - A great name for the stray dog that you adopted.
Trapper - "Every now and then I like to catch mice and birds."
Treble - "I will always be a smart and loyal dog."
Trent - Welsh - River. A good name for any water-loving breed of dog.
Trevor - Irish - Noble character. This male dog comes from champion blood lines.
Tricky - "I will try almost anything to get more of those dog biscuits."
Trigg - Scandinavian - A trustworthy person. You can tell this dog all of your deepest secrets.
Tripp - English - A traveler. You can take this pet just about anywhere.
Tristan - Welsh - Loud one. This male dog's barking can be heard all over the neighborhood.
Triton - Greek Mythology - A sea god who was part man and part fish. Another super name for you water-loving dog.
Trooper - "I patrol my yard 24 hours a day - 7 days a week."
Trump - This boy dog demands the very best.
Tucker - English - Works with cloth.
Tugela - One of the largest waterfalls in Africa.
Turpin - Scandinavian - The term meaning - a Finn named after Thor.
Tuxedo - "I'm black and white and formal all over."
Twain - Mark Twain was the pen-name of the great American author - Samuel Clemens. "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and "The Prince and the Pauper" are among his best-known works.
Tyrone - Greek - A sovereign ruler.
Did you know?
A mongrel is a mixed dog that resembles no recognizable breed.
Udell - English - A person from the yew tree valley.
Udolf - English - A prosperous wolf. A dog, w/ chew toys to spare, that resembles his wild cousins.
Ulf - German - The wolf. A dog that resembles his wild cousins.
Ulfred - German - A peaceful wolf. A dog, w/ no tolerance for strife, that resembles his wild cousins.
Ulger - German - A warring wolf. A dog, w/ no tolerance for peace, that resembles his wild cousins.
Ullock - German - A sporting wolf. A dog, w/ a love for games, that resembles his wild cousins.
Ulmer - English - A very famous wolf. A dog, known all over the neighborhood, that resembles his wild cousins.
Ulric - German - A wolf that rules. A dog, reigning supreme, that resembles his wild cousins.
Ulysses - A king of Ithaca and brave warrior who fought in the Trojan War.
Upton - English - One who comes from the upper town.
Uranus - Early Greek and Roman Mythology - The god of the heavens.
Urban - Latin - The city dweller. The country is no place for this dog.
Urchin - A term for a naughty little child.
Uriah - Hebrew - Light of God.
Vachel - French - A small cow.
Vagabond - "I'm not the most responsible dog in the world."
Vail - English - One who dwells in the valley.
Valdemar - German - A very famous ruler.
Valentine or Val - An early saint who was martyred in Rome. The patron saint of lovers and greetings.
Valerian - Latin - A strong and powerful person. This dog is very intimidating to the other animals.
Valerian - A 5th century bishop in Africa who became a saint.
Valiant - A prince of an animal who will dazzle you with his courage.
Vallis - French - A Welshman.
Vance - English - A resident of the threshing floor.
Vandal - Your sofa is never safe w/ this dog around.
Varden - French - One who comes from the green hill.
Varian - Latin - Variable.
Varus - A Roman soldier who was martyred for his faith in the 4th century. He became a saint.
Vassily - Russian - Great protector.
Vegas - This pet dog is all about having a good time.
Verdi - A famous Italian opera composer.
Vernon - Latin - A person who is youthful and spring-like. This boy dog may never grow up.
Verrill - French - The true one. This boy dog is all about trust.
Vespasian - The Roman emperor who built the Colosseum.
Vicente - Spanish - One who conquers.
Victor - Latin - The one who conquers.
Vincent - Latin - Another one who conquers.
Vincent - The patron saint of builders.
Viper - He graduated from Top-Dog school.
Virgil - A great poet of ancient Rome. "The Aenid" was his most famous work.
Vishnu - One of the Hindu trinity of God. Known as the preserver of the world.
Vitus - Latin - One who is alive and vital.
Vitus - The patron saint of actors and comedians. A good name for your dramatic male dog.
Vladimir - Slavic - A famous prince.
Vladimir - The patron saint of Russia.
Vladislav - Slavic - A glorious ruler over the people.
Volney - German - One who has has much national spirit.
Voodoo - "I'm your favorite good-luck charm."
Vulcan - Roman Mythology - The god of fire.
Wade - English - A person who comes from the river crossing.
Wadley - English - One from the ford meadow.
Wadsworth - English - One from the village near the ford.
Wagner - German - A professional wagon maker.
Wainwright - English - A professional wagon maker.
Waite - English - A diligent guard. This boy dog takes his job very seriously.
Wakefield - English - One who comes from the wet field.
Wakeley - English - One who comes from the wet meadow.
Wakeman - English - A trustworthy watchman. You can sleep soundly at night with this boy dog around.
Walcott - English - A dweller in the cottage enclosed by a wall.
Walden - English - A person who comes from the forest valley.
Waldo - German - King. This dog demands the royal treatment.
Wallace - English - An alien.
Waller - English - One who builds walls.
Walt - This dog will be happy just laying down pondering a leaf of grass.
Walter - German - The general of the army.
Ward - English - A guardian. Another excellent guard dog name.
Warlock - This boy dog cast a spell over you.
Warren - German - Defender. A great name for any guard dog.
Warrior - "I'm a fierce defender of my turf."
Webber - English - A weaver.
Webster - English - A weaver.
Welby - English - The resident of the spring farm.
Wendell - German - Traveler.
Wesley - English - Western meadow.
Westcott - English - One who comes from the western cottage.
Wheeler - English - A wheel maker.
Whiskers - A good name for any bearded breed of dog.
Whiskey - This boy dog is best in small doses.
Whistler - "I'm the best bird-huntin' dog you've ever seen."
Whitman - English - White-haired.
Whittaker - English - A dweller of the white field.
Wicked - This dog takes pleasure in being bad.
Wilbur - English - One who lives in a firm fortress.
Wilbur - The pig in Charlotte's Web. A great name for the dog that resembles a pig.
William - German - Steadfast guardian. An excellent name for any guard dog.
Windsor - The name of Great Britain's royal family. It was chosen in 1917.
Winston - English - From the friendly town.
Winter - A fantastic name for a long-haired dog that is most at home in the cold weather.
Wisdom - "My judgment is impeccable - for a puppy."
Wizard - "I'm an expert at making table scraps disappear."
Woden - German Mythology - The chief god.
Wolfgang - German - Rising wolf.
Woodstock - The zenith of hippiedom. This dog's owner lives in a tie-dyed pad, man.
Woody - The cowboy toy in Disney's "Toy Story."
Wyatt - French - A great name for any small breed of dog.
Xavier - Arabic - Bright.
Xavier - A Spanish saint who is considered one of the greatest Christian missionaries.
Xenos - Greek - A stranger or guest.
Xerxes - A king of Persia, nicknamed the great.
Xylon - Greek - One who comes from the forest.
Yancy - Native American - An Englishman or a Yankee.
Yankee - This boy dog looks pretty good in pin-stripes.
Yates - English - Gates.
Yeoman - English - An attendant.
Yeti - The Nepalese Sherpa's term for an abominable snowman.
Yoda - A little dog with bulging eyes, like a Pekingese.
Yogi - "I am a master contortionist."
Yves - French - An archer.
Zadok - Hebrew - The righteous one. This boy dog never sins.
Zale - Greek - Sea-strength. A fantastic name for your water-loving dog.
Zambezi - The 4th largest river in Africa.
Zane - Zane Grey was a popular American author who wrote stories about the wild west.
Zared - Hebrew - Ambush. A great name for the pet dog that loves to surprise you.
Zebra - A good pet name for your black and white boy dog.
Zechariah - A Hebrew prophet with a book bearing his name in the Old Testament.
Zen - A sect of the Buddhist religion.
Zeno - The ancient Greek philosopher who founded stoicism. This dog doesn't wear his emotions on his sleeve.
Zeno - A 4th century bishop of Verona, Italy. He became a saint.
Zephaniah - A Hebrew prophet with an Old Testament book bearing his name.
Zeus - Greek Mythology - The chief god. No one questions this dog's authority.
Ziv - Slavic - One who is vigorous and lively. A super name for your frisky dog.
Zoroaster - The ancient Persian prophet who founded the religion - Zoroastrianism.
Zoser - A king of ancient Egypt.
Zuriel - Hebrew - God is my rock.