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Male Dog Names N - P

Nahum - A Hebrew prophet with a book bearing his name in the Old Testament.
Nahum - A saint who lived during the 10th century. Known as 1 of the 7 apostles of Bulgaria.
Nairn - Scottish - A resident at the alder tree river.
Namib - One of the great deserts of Africa.
Napoleon - "I'm the little emperor of this household."
Narcissus - Greek Mythology - The youth who was in love with his own reflection.
Narcissus - A 2nd century Greek man and saint who was named bishop of Jerusalem.
Nasser - A former prime minister and president of Egypt.
Nathanael - Hebrew - A gift from God. This boy dog is a continual blessing to you.
Nechos - A pharaoh of ancient Egypt.
Nehemiah - A Jewish leader with a book named after him in the Old Testament. He led the rebuilding of Jerusalem.
Nehru - The 1st prime minister of India. A good name for any Asian breed of dog.
Neil - Irish - The champion. This boy dog is a winner.
Nelson - Irish - Son of the champion.
Nemo - An appropriate name for the orange dog with stripes.
Nemo - The captain in the famous Jules Verne novel "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea." A great name for your water-loving dog.
Neptune - Roman Mythology - The sea god. Another fantastic name for your water loving dog.
Nero - "My full name is Nero Claudius Caesar Drusus Germanicus."
Nerses - A 4th century Persian bishop and saint who was martyred for his Christian faith.
Nessie - Name of the legendary monster residing in Loch Ness in Scotland. A great name for your Scottish terrier dog.
Nestor - Greek Mythology - A great warrior and wise counselor.
Nestor - A 3rd century bishop and saint who was crucified for his faith.
Neville - French - One who comes from the new town.
Nevin - Irish - A worshipper of the saint.
Newell - English - The new hall.
Newland - English - A dweller on the new land.
Newlin - Welsh - A dweller at the new lake.
Newman - English - The newcomer.
Newton - "I wear a helmet when sitting under an apple tree."
Nicetas - An 11th century Russian monk and saint.
Nicholas - The patron saint of sailors, children, bakers and travelers.
Nickel - Your shiny, silver-haired dog would appreciate this name.
Nicodemus - One of the members of the Jewish Sanhedrin who stood up for Jesus Christ.
Nicosia - The Capital of the island of Cyprus.
Nigel - Latin - The dark knight. A wonderful name for your solid-black guard dog.
Niger - A river and country in Africa.
Nikita - A wonderful name for your Siberian Husky dog.
Nile - The longest river on Earth. It helped form the Egyptian civilization.
Nimrod - A skillful hunter. This boy dog can almost take care of himself.
Ninja - Swift, silent and Japanese. A great pet name for your Oriental breed of guard dog.
Nino - The patron saint of Georgia.
Nirvana - "Ah, chew-toys."
Nitro - A super-charged boy dog.
Noah - Hebrew - Peaceful and restful.
Noble - French - A famous person who shows high morals.
Noel - French - A Christmas carol. A great name for the dog that you adopt during the holidays.
Nolan - Irish - Noble.
Nomad - "They call me the wanderer, yeah the wanderer."
Norbert - Scandinavian - The wise hero.
Norton - English - North town.
Norwood - English - North forest.
Nyasa - One of the great lakes of Africa.
Did you know?
Most dogs have 2 coats of fur. The outer coat protects a dog from the elements (rain, snow, etc.) The undercoat keeps a dog warm.
Oakes - English - The dweller at the oak trees. This boy dog just loves to sleep under the trees.
Oakley - English - A person who comes from the oak meadow.
Obadiah - A minor Hebrew prophet. The shortest book in the Old Testament bears his name.
Oberon - The mythical king of the fairies. A wonderful name for any toy-breed of dog.
Obert - German - A wealthy and brilliant man.
Octavian - He became the first Roman emperor and was then called Augustus.
Octavius - Latin - The 8th born child.
Odell - English - One who comes from the forested hill.
Odin - Norse Mythology - The king of the gods.
Odolf - German - A very wealthy wolf.
Odysseus - The main character and hero of the Greek epic story "The Odyssey."
Odyssey - Written by the Greek poet Homer. This adventure epic ranks as the most influential work of ancient Greek literature.
Ogden - English - A person who comes from the oak valley.
Okie - This dog hails from Oklahoma.
Olaf - Norse - The name of several kings of Norway.
Olaf - The patron saint of Norway.
Oliver - A great name for the orphan dog that you adopted from the pound.
Olivier - French - Olive tree.
Olympus - Greek Mythology- The home of the gods.
Oman - A country located on the Arabian Sea.
Omar - Arabic - The most high follower of the Prophet.
Opie - "My Paw can arrest your Paw."
Orestes - Greek - A man who comes from the mountain.
Orion - Greek Mythology - A mighty hunter. This dog can sniff out any prey.
Orlando - Spanish - From the great land.
Orpheus - Greek Mythology - A musician who played the lyre. Even rivers stopped flowing to listen to his beautiful playing.
Orrin - Irish - Fair skinned.
Orson - Latin - The courage of a bear.
Orville - French - A resident of the golden village.
Osborn - English - Divine warrior. This guard dog was heaven-sent.
Oscar - Norse - A divine spear-man.
Osiris - Egyptian Mythology - The husband of Isis. He was the chief god of the underworld.
Othello - Title character of the Shakespearean tragedy. He kills his wife out of false jealousy.
Otis - Greek - A person with great hearing.
Otto - German - A prosperous person.
Outlaw - "I stay one step ahead of the law."
Ovid - A famous Roman poet.
Owen - Greek - High born. A great name for the dog that comes from pure blood lines.
Oxford - "I'm the brainiest pet on the block."
Ozzy - This animal is crazy as a loon - in a lovable sort of way.
Pablo - Spanish - Small one. An excellent name for any small breed of dog.
Pacian - A bishop of Barcelona, Spain who lived in the 4th century. He became a saint.
Padre - "I'm a blessing to your household."
Page - French - The youthful aide. This boy dog that is eager to help out in any way that he can.
Paladin - The name for an officer of Charlemagne's Palace.
Palmer - English - A palm-bearing pilgrim. This boy dog greets you each day with much enthusiasm.
Pambo - One of the monks who lived in the Egyptian desert in the 4th century. He became a saint.
Pan - Greek Mythology - The god of forests, woods, meadows, flocks and herds.
Panache - "I've got dog class and I've got dog style."
Panda - This black and white dog might remind you of a little panda bear.
Pantheon - A Roman temple built to honor all the gods.
Panzer - German - Armor. This boy dog will guard you well.
Papa - "You can always tell me your problems."
Papoose - Native American - Baby.
Parisio - An Italian priest of the 13th century. He became a saint.
Parker - English - The park keeper.
Parnell - French - Little Peter.
Parrish - English - A church district.
Parsifal - The title character of a Wagnerian opera.
Pascal - Italian - One who is born on Easter. A great name for the boy dog that you adopt during the Paschal season.
Pasha - The former title of high-ranking Turkish officials.
Pathos - "I'm always feeling sorry for myself."
Patrick - The legendary saint who drove all the snakes off of Ireland.
Patton - English - One who comes from the warrior's town.
Paul - The Jewish man who converted to Christianity and evangelized the Gentiles. He wrote many books of the New Testament.
Pauper - "I rely on my master's constant charity to survive."
Paxton - English - A peaceful town.
Payat - American Indian - He is coming.
Paz - Spanish - Peace. This dog will tolerate no strife.
Pedro - Spanish - Rock.
Peleus - An Egyptian bishop who was burned to death in the 4th century. He became a saint.
Penley - English - An enclosed meadow.
Penrod - German - A famous commander.
Peppy - A dog with as much energy as nature will allow.
Percival or Percy - French - One who pierces the valley.
Pericles - An ancient Greek statesman.
Perseus - Greek Mythology - A son of Zeus. He cut off the head of the Gorgon Medusa.
Peter - The trusted rock on whom Jesus Christ built his Church, as told in the New Testament.
Phantom - This boy dog sometimes appears out of nowhere.
Pharaoh - An ancient title for the kings of Egypt. This boy dog commands respect.
Phelan - Irish - The wolf. A great name for the dog that greatly resembles his wild cousins.
Phileas - An Egyptian who was beheaded in the 4th century for his faith. He became a saint.
Philip - The patron saint of Rome.
Phillip - The handsome prince in Disney's "Sleeping Beauty."
Philo - Greek - Gentle. This dog wouldn't hurt a fly.
Picasso - A pet dog with abstract markings.
Pierre - French - Rock.
Piglet - A great name for the dog that resembles a baby pig.
Pinocchio - You always know when this dog is less than honest.
Plato - Ancient Greek writer and philosopher. One of the most influential thinkers of western civilization.
Pluto - Mickey Mouse's dog and the smallest of the planets in the Solar System.
Pokey - "I take my time getting from point A to point B."
Pollux - Greek and Roman Mythology - The twin of Castor.
Pongo - The Daddy Dalmatian in Disney's "101 Dalmatians."
Pooh - This chubby little dog resembles a bear.
Popeye - "I's onlys cooks wis Olives Oyls."
Porky - "I'm not fat, I'm just big-boned."
Porter - French - One who guards the gate. An excellent name for any guard dog.
Poseidon - The god of the sea. You've never met a dog that loves water more than he does.
Prescott - English - One who comes from the priest's cottage.
Priam - Greek Mythology - The last king of Troy.
Primo - Italian - Of the best quality. An excellent name for any pure-bred dog.
Proctor - Latin - Governor.