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Male Dog Names K - M

Kabuki - A Japanese form of drama consisting of song, dance and pantomime. This boy dog loves to perform.
Kabul - The capital of Afghanistan.
Kafka - A famous Czech author. "The Metamorphosis" is one of his best known works.
Kaiser - German - Caesar. Your Doberman or Rottweiler dog would adore this pet name.
Kalahari - One of the great deserts of Africa.
Kalil - Arabic - A valued and trusted friend. This boy dog will never let you down.
Kallinos - An ancient Greek lyricist.
Kamikaze - "I sometimes throw caution to the wind, when chasing my tail."
Kanaka - A Hawaiian man.
Kane - Irish - A tribute. A good name for the offspring of a much-beloved dog.
Kareem - Arabic - One who is very noble and distinguished.
Kariba - One of the great lakes of Africa.
Karnak - An Egyptian village on the Nile. Site of ancient stone temples dedicated to the gods.
Keane - Irish - Clever. This boy dog sure learns fast.
Kedar - Arabic - A mighty and powerful person. A great name for any large, strong breed of dog.
Keefe - Irish - A handsome, gentle, and loved man.
Keegan - Irish - A little, fiery person. A great name for any little breed of dog with a lot of passion.
Keelan - Irish - A little, slender person.
Kell - Scandinavian - One who comes from the spring.
Keller - Irish - A little associate.
Kelly - Irish - A warrior.
Kelsey - Scandinavian - Person who comes from the ship-island.
Kelvin - Irish - A resident of the narrow river.
Kemp - English - The victorious warrior.
Kempis - Thomas A Kempis was a Christian author of the middle-ages. He wrote one of the most famous devotional books ever - Imitation of Christ.
Kendall - English - From the valley.
Kendo - A Japanese sport that involves bamboo swords. An appropriate pet name for your Oriental breed of dog.
Kenley - English - One who hails from the royal meadow.
Kennedy - The most prominent political family in American history.
Kenny - Second dog from the left in the classic work of art, Dogs Playing Poker."
Kent - Welsh - White and brilliant. An appropriate name for your solid-white pet dog.
Kenya - A country in eastern Africa. It lies on the Indian Ocean.
Kermit - Irish - Liberty. This boy dog just loves to escape.
Kerry - Irish - Dark one. A great name for your solid black dog.
Kevin - Irish - Handsome and lovable.
Kevin - A 6th century Irish priest. He became a saint.
Khufu - An ancient king of Egypt. He built and is entombed in the Great Pyramid at Giza. A fantastic name for the boy dog that comes from champion blood lines.
Kieran - A 6th century Irishman who is known as one of the 12 Apostles of Ireland. He became a saint.
Kiev - Capital of the Ukraine.
Kilian - The patron saint of Bavaria.
Kimball - Welsh - Battle chief.
King - "Oh boy, how do I live up to this name?"
Kingston - English - One who lives at the King's estate.
Kirby - Scandinavian - A dweller of the church village.
Klaus - Fits the Aryan race of dog just fine - German shepherd, Doberman, etc.
Klondike - "I'll be in the Iditarod one day, you'll see."
Knickerbocker - An old name for a New Yorker. Another fantastic name for your Yorkshire terrier dog.
Knight - English - A military aide to the king.
Kobe - A port in Honshu, Japan. Another great name for your Oriental breed of dog.
Kobo - A Nigerian monetary unit.
Kocoum - An indian warrior in Disney's Pocahontas.
Kodiak or Kodi - Kodiak is an island and city in the state of Alaska, USA. It was settled in the late 18th century. This name was submitted by Ed and his German Shepherd - Kodi.
Kolinsky - An Asian weasel with beautiful golden-brown fur.
Krakow - A former capital of Poland.
Kremlin - The seat of government of the former Soviet Union. Your Siberian Husky dog would like this name.
Krishna - A great hero-teacher of the Hindu religion.
Kristian - Swedish - Follower of Christ.
Did you know?
The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog in the world. It can weigh as little as 1 lb (1/2 kilo).
Lach - Scottish - One who dwells by the lake.
Lacrosse - "I love playing with sticks and nets."
Ladd - English - An assistant.
Ladislaus - A Hungarian national hero who lived during the 11th century.
Ladle - "I often use my big ol' paws to scoop fish out of the aquarium."
Ladoga - A large Russian lake that lies close to the Finnish border.
Lafayette - A French military leader who came to America and became a major general in the American army.
Laird - Scottish - A very prosperous landowner.
Lama - A monk in the Lamaism sect of Buddhism.
Lamar - German - One who is well known all over the land.
Lambert - German - The radiant land.
Lamont - Scandinavian - A lawyer. This dog represents you well.
Lancelot - He was the bravest and most famous of King Arthur's knights of the round table.
Lane - English - A narrow road.
Lang - Scandinavian - A very tall man. Your Great Dane dog would adore this name.
Langford - English - The person who comes from the long ford.
Langley - The famous American astronomer and aeronautical pioneer.
Lantern - "I'm so orange, you often wonder if I would glow in the dark."
Laredo - A city in southern Texas that lies on the Rio Grande.
Lares - The spirits that guard the household, according to the ancient Romans.
Larry - He's the dog on the far left in the classic work of art, Dogs Playing Poker.
Lars - Scandinavian - Crowned with laurels.
Larson - Scandinavian - The son of Lars.
Lascar - The term for an Indian sailor.
Latakia - The chief seaport of Syria.
Latham - Scandinavian - Comes from the barns. A good name for the dog that lives on a farm.
Latimer - English - The person who interprets.
Laurentius - A 3rd century Italian man martyred for his Christian faith. He became a saint.
Lawrence - The patron saint of cooks and the poor.
Lazarus - Jesus raised him from the dead in the New Testament. An appropriate name for the boy dog that you rescue from an animal shelter.
Leander - Greek - One who is as brave as a lion.
Legion - "I have a multitude of personalities."
Leif - Leif Ericson was a famous Norse explorer. An excellent name for any adventurous dog.
Leith - Scottish - One who comes from a broad river.
Leland - English - Meadow land.
Lemuel - Hebrew - One who is consecrated to God.
Lennon - John Lennon was a prolific songwriter, musician, and a founding member of the Beatles.
Leo - A good name for a Pomeranian or Chow dog that greatly resembles a lion.
Leon - French - Resembles a lion.
Leonard - German - Brave as a lion.
Leonard - The patron saint of prisoners of war.
Leonardo - Spanish - Resembles a lion. A great name for your Pomeranian or Chow-Chow.
Leopold - An Austrian saint who lived during the 12th century.
Leroy - French - The King. This male dog rules with an iron paw.
Leslie - English - A small meadow.
Levi - The priestly tribe of Israel.
Lex - "I will get that so-called Super dog, you'll see."
Likuta - A monetary unit of Zaire.
Linus - Greek - A person with flaxen hair. An appropriate name for your fair-haired dog.
Lionel - French - A lion cub.
Lobo - Wolf. A good name for the dog that's not far removed from his wild cousins.
Loco - "At times, I am truly demented."
Logan - Scottish - A meadow.
Loki - Norse Mythology - The god who loved to cause trouble. A fantastic name for any mischievous dog.
London - "I'll do absolutely anything for a basket of fish 'n chips!"
Lorenzo - Italian - Crowned with laurels.
Louis - French - Great warrior. This male dog will defend you at all costs.
Lucian - A Syrian who was martyred for his Christian faith in the early 4th century.
Luciano - Italian - Light bringer.
Lucius - Latin - A bringer of light. This dog brightens any room that he enters.
Lucky - This boy dog feels fortunate to find a master such as you.
Luger - "Ain't I a pistol?"
Luigi - Italian - Famous warrior.
Luis - Spanish - Famous warrior.
Luke - A doctor and the name of one of the New Testament Gospels.
Luke - The patron saint of artists.
Lumiere - The candelabra character in Disney's Beauty and the Beast.
Lunar - "I will one day be the first canine on the moon."
Luther - German - The famous warrior.
Lyle - French - From the island.
Macabre - A good name for the dog who brings bird or mouse corpses to your back door.
MacAdam - Scottish - The son of Adam.
Macarius - A 4th century bishop of Jerusalem. He became a saint.
Macbeth - The tragic title character of the famous Shakespearean play.
MacDonald - Scottish - The son of Donald.
Macedonius - A 4th century Syrian who is said to have lived on nothing but barley for 40 yrs. He became a saint.
Machar - An Irish saint of the 6th century who was a missionary to Scotland. Legend has him being the founder of Aberdeen.
Machiavelli - The famous Italian politician. He advocated dark and crafty means for maintaining and keeping power.
Machismo - "I am all DOG."
Macy - French - One who comes from Matthew's estate.
Madcap - "I'm always going off on crazy pet adventures."
Maddock - Welsh - A good and generous person. This boy dog doesn't mind sharing his chew-toys.
Maddox - Welsh - The benefactor's son.
Madrid - The capital of Spain.
Magellan - The famous Portuguese navigator. He led the 1st expedition to go around the world.
Magic - This boy dog will dazzle you with his ball-handling skills.
Magnate - "I am a marvel of canine industry."
Magneto - "My puppy charm is an irresistible force."
Magnum - "I am the ultimate peace-maker."
Magnus - Latin - The great one.
Magyar - A descendant of the original settlers of Hungary.
Maharajah - A title once used for a prince of India.
Mahatma - A respected holy person of India.
Maitland - English - The land of the meadow.
Major - Latin - Greater.
Malachi - A Hebrew prophet with a book bearing his name in the Old Testament.
Malachy - An Irish priest of the 12th century who became a saint.
Malcolm - Scottish - A follower of St. Columba.
Malin - English - A little mighty warrior. This runt dog won't back down from any fight.
Malo - A 7th century Welsh priest and saint.
Maloney - Irish - A devoted attendee of church services.
Mandel - German - An almond. A great name for the dog that's a real nut.
Manfred - English - An extremely peaceful man. This boy dog stays away from any dogfight.
Manitou - Algonquian Indian - The spirit which resides in every object and being.
Manley - English - From the man's meadow.
Mantis - A fabulous name for the pet with long, slender legs.
Manton - English - A man from the hero's town.
Manuel - Spanish - God is with us.
Mao - Mao Tse-Tung was the legendary leader of Communist China.
Marcel - Latin - Little fighter. A great name for any fiesty, small breed of dog.
Marco - Italian - A warrior.
Marduk - Babylonian Mythology - A major god.
Mario - Latin - Martial.
Marius - A 3rd century Persian nobleman and saint who was beheaded for his Christian faith.
Mark - A gospel of the New Testament.
Mark - The patron saint of Venice.
Marlon - English - Young hawk.
Mars - Roman Mythology - The god of war. This dog loves a good fight.
Marshall - English - An agent.
Martin - The patron saint of hair-dressers.
Marvin - English - A true friend. This male dog will never betray you.
Mason - French - A person who works with stones.
Mather - English - A very powerful army.
Matthew - The name of the first gospel of the New Testament.
Matthew - The patron saint of bankers and accountants.
Matthias - The man who replaced Judas as the 12th apostle of Jesus Christ.
Maurice - The patron saint of dyers.
Maverick - This dog doesn't ever follow the status quo.
Max - The Sheep dog character in Disney's "Little Mermaid."
Maximian - A 4th century African saint.
Maximilian - Latin - The greatest or excellence.
Maximus - A 3rd century Ephesian and saint who was stoned to death for his faith.
Mecca - The birthplace of Mohammed. You hold this boy dog as sacred.
Medina - A city in Saudi Arabia. It's the site of Mohammed's tomb.
Meeko - The raccoon in Disney's "Pocahontas."
Melvin - Irish - Chief.
Menelaus - A king of Sparta and Helen of Troy's husband.
Mennas - A 3rd century Egyptian and saint who was beheaded for his faith.
Mercer - English - A shopkeeper.
Mercury - Roman Mythology - The messenger of the gods.
Merlin - The legendary magician and seer who aided King Arthur.
Merrill - French - A little leader. A good name for any small breed of dog.
Micah - A Hebrew prophet with an Old Testament book bearing his name.
Michael - A little boy in Disney's "Peter Pan."
Michael - The powerful archangel and protector of Israel.
Mickey - "Why doesn't anyone take me seriously?"
Midas - Everything this dog touches, turns to gold.
Miguel - Spanish - Who is like God.
Mikado - A title once used to designate the emperor of Japan. A wonderful name for your Oriental breed of dog.
Miles - Latin - Fighter.
Milo - Latin - A worker at the grain mill.
Moby - This dog has some characteristic that is humongous.
Moe - The brightest stooge of them all.
Mohammed - The Arabian prophet who founded the Moslem religion.
Mohawk - The brave warrior dog who has no fear of heights.
Molech - An ancient Phoenician god mentioned in the Old Testament.
Monk - You won't feel guilty leaving this pet home alone.
Monkey - "I can do tricks you don't normally associate with a mere canine."
Moose - A big Boxer, Mastiff, or Great Dane.
Moritz - The Red Baron's dog.
Morpheus - Greek Mythology - The god of dreams. This boy dog loves to take naps.
Morris - An appropriate name for the orange dog that resembles Morris the cat.
Moses - "I work wonders for my masters and they still complain."
Mountie - This boy dog knows how to lay down the law.
Mowgli - The little boy in Disney's "Jungle Book."
Mozart - The prodigious pet.
Murdock - Scottish - Gained his wealth from the sea.
Murray - Scottish - A seafarer.