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Male Dog Names E - G

Eachan - Irish - A horseman. A good name for any Irish dog breed such as Irish Setter, Irish Wolfhound, or Kerry Blue Terrier.
Eagle - This pet dog's vision and hunting skills remind you of an eagle.
Earl - English - A nobleman. An excellent choice for any pure bred puppy.
Ebbo - An 8th century French bishop who fought valiantly against the Moors. He became a saint.
Ebenezer - A real Scrooge of a doggie - he won't share his chew toys with any other animal.
Eberhard - German - One who is as brave as a boar. Your German guard dog would fit this name nicely.
Edbert - Saint Edbert was a 7th century monk who is remembered for his tireless aid to the poor.
Eddy - A current of water which spins against the main current. This pet always seems to do the opposite of what you expect him to do.
Edel - German - A distinguished person. A good name for pure bred German dog breeds such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Great Danes, Boxers, Poodles, etc.
Edgar - English - A very wealthy spearman. This guard dog lacks nothing?
Edge - "I have the sharpest senses of any canine on the block."
Edison - Thomas Edison was one of the greatest inventors in history. Among his inventions were the electric light and the phonograph.
Edmund - Saint Edmund was a 9th century English King who was martyred for his faith.
Edric - English - A prosperous ruler of the people. This boy has earned countless dog treats while engaging in his pack-leader duties.
Edward - English - A wealthy guardian. Another of the super guard dog names.
Eeyore - This boy doesn't appreciate it when you pin ribbons to his tail.
Egan - Irish - An eager and fiery person. A good choice for any of the Irish dog breeds.
Egbert - English - A flaming sword.
Einstein - "My name is relative."
Elbrus - A mountain in southwestern Russia.
Elder - English - One who is in a position of authority. A great name for any alpha male dog.
Eldon - English - One who comes from the holy hill.
El Dorado - A legendary kingdom sought by Spanish explorers. It was believed to contain enormous wealth.
Eleazar - Hebrew - God is my faithful helper.
Electric - This boy dog is always wired.
Eli - Hebrew - The highest.
Elias - St. Elias was a 9th century Spanish priest who was executed for his faith.
Eligius - The patron saint of metal-workers and jewelers.
Elihu - Hebrew - The Lord.
Elijah - The mighty, mighty Hebrew prophet of the Old Testament.
Elisha - The mighty, mighty Hebrew prophet who succeeded Elijah.
Ellard - English - One who is fearless and sacred.
Elmer - "I'm gonna get that wascally wabbit." A good choice for any hunting dog breed such as Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Weimaraners, Pointers, Irish Setters, Springer Spaniels, etc.
Elmo - A wonderful name for the dog with red-shag-carpet hair?
Elroy - French - The king. This canine demands the royal treatment.
Elton - "My gift is my song."
Elvis - "I ain't nothin' but a hound dog, cryin' all the time."
Emerson - "I prefer to sit in the corner pondering."
Emery - German - An industrious ruler.
Emil - German - A very resourceful person. This puppy gets the most out of his dog-biscuits.
Emilio - Spanish - A hard worker. A good name for any of the working dog breeds - Akitas, Boxers, Bullmastiffs, Doberman Pinschers, Portuguese Water Dogs, Saint Bernards, etc.
Emir - A title used in certain Moslem countries for noblemen and rulers.
Emmanuel - Hebrew - God is with us.
Emmit - German - A hard worker. Another of the good working dog breed names.
Emperor - This boy dog will one day rule your household.
Encore - "You're always asking me to repeat the same trick."
Enoch - Hebrew - One who is dedicated and consecrated to God.
Enrique - Spanish - House ruler. A good name for your Chihuahua or Xolo.
Epicurus - An ancient Greek philosopher who promoted sensory pleasure (in moderation).
Epirus - A region which lies in southern Albania and northern Greece.
Epsilon - The 5th letter of the Greek alphabet.
Erebus - Greek Mythology - A son of Chaos. He ruled the dark kingdom under the earth, through which souls passed on their way to Hades.
Eric - The Norse explorer who discovered Greenland. This boy is constantly testing his boundaries - for good or bad.
Eric - The patron saint of Sweden.
Ernest - St. Ernest was a 12th century German Abbot who was tortured and killed by the Moors.
Ernst - German - Determined. An excellent name for any of the German dog breeds such as Rottweilers, Weimaraners, Dachsunds, Great Danes, Pomeranians, Poodles, etc.
Eros - Greek Mythology - The god of love. This canine couldn't be more romantic.
Esteban - Spanish - Crown. This puppy could one day be "Best in Show."
Ethan - Hebrew - A powerful, solid and trustworthy man. You can rest easy at night knowing that this canine is watching out for you.
Eugene - Greek - High-born. This male dog comes from strong pure blood lines.
Eugenio - Spanish - High-born. See above.
Evan - Hebrew - God has blessed.
Everest - The highest mountain in the world. A part of the Himalayas. A fantastic name for any tall, large breed of dog - Great Danes, Bullmastiffs, etc.
Ewing - English - Lawyer. This male dog represents you well.
Excalibur - King Arthur's legendary sword.
Ezekiel - A Hebrew prophet with an Old Testament book bearing his name.
Did you know?
Irish Wolfhounds are the tallest breed of dog. They can stand 3 ft (nearly a meter) tall at the shoulders.
Fabian - Latin - A bean grower.
Fabian - Saint Fabian was 3rd century Pope who was martyred by the Romans.
Fable - "I enjoy a good story as much as the next dog."
Fabron - French - A blacksmith's apprentice.
Fagan - Irish - The little fiery one. A fantastic name for any of the toy dog breeds - Toy Poodles, Yorkies, Pekingese, Chihuahaus, Pugs, Shih Tzu, etc.
Fairfax - English - A person with fair hair. A great name for any blond-haired dog.
Fakir - A Moslem or Hindu holy man who lives by begging. Some are capable of amazing feats of mind-over-body.
Falstaff - A comical knight who appears in many Shakespearean plays. This pet will keep you in stitches.
Fandango - A Spanish dance of varying tempos.
Fane - English - Grateful and joyful. This boy is so happy that you adopted him.
Fangs - This name makes even the tiniest dog seem fearsome.
Fargo - He loves the far-off, isolated places.
Farley - English - A person who hails from the bull or sheep meadow. A good name for your German Shepherd or Old English Sheepdog.
Farold - English - A mighty traveler. You can take this doggie anywhere.
Farragut - A Union naval officer who uttered the famous phrase - "Damn the torpedoes... Full steam ahead!"
Farrell - Irish - A very fearless warrior. A good choice for any guard dog.
Fats - I picture a big, jowelly bulldog.
Faust - A magician who, according to legend, sold his soul to the devil.
Faustus - A 3rd century saint who was tortured and burned to death for his Christian faith.
Felipe - Spanish - A horse lover.
Felix - Latin - One who is very fortunate and happy. A good name for the dog that rescued from an animal shelter.
Felix - The patron saint of Spain.
Fellah - Arabic - A farm-hand. A good name for your working dog.
Felony - "I delight in doing puppy no-no's."
Ferdinand - German - Ferdinand V, king of Spain, was married to Isabella. They were backers of Christopher Columbus.
Fergus - Irish - Powerful and manly. A good name for any of the large dog breeds - Bullmastiffs, Great Danes, Rottweilers, Saint Bernards, Newfoundlands, etc.
Fez - A city in Morocco. Also the name of a red felt hat with a long black tassel.
Fiddler - "I just can't seem to mind my own business."
Fidel - Latin - Faithful. He only has eyes for you.
Fidelis - Saint Fidelis was a 3rd century Roman officer who helped Christian prisoners escape. He was scourged and then beheaded for his actions.
Fielding - English - A field worker. A good name for any of dog breeds that excel in the field such as the Retrievers, Pointers, Spaniels, or Setters.
Figaro - The cat character in Disney's "Pinocchio."
Filbert - English - A radiant and intelligent person.
Finis - "I'm the be-all and end-all of male dogs."
Finley - Irish - A fair-haired soldier. A good name for any light colored guard dog.
Fiorello - Italian - Little flower. This name would fit any of the toy dog breeds - Maltese, Shih Tzu, Peek a Poos, Pugs, Toy Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers, etc.
Fisher - A great name for any of the water dog breeds - Portuguese Water Dogs, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Irish Setters, or English Setters.
Flavour - "You'll remember me long after I'm gone."
Flea - "I'm named for my most ardent admirers."
Fleck - A solid colored dog with small spots of contrasting colors.
Fletcher - English - A professional arrow maker.
Flint - English - A stream. Another of the good water dog names.
Florian - The patron saint of firemen. A wonderful name for a Dalmatian or any dog that lives at a fire-house.
Flounder - A character in Disney's "Little Mermaid."
Floyd - Welsh - Gray-haired. A good name for any Gray colored dog such as a Weimaraner.
Foggy - "I sometimes appear dazed and confused."
Folly - "My decisions are not always wise."
Forbes - Irish - A very wealthy person. An excellent name for any pure bred canine.
Ford - English - River crossing.
Formosa - The old Portuguese name for Taiwan.
Forrest - English - From the forest.
Fortune - "Aren't you lucky that I'm your puppy?"
Fox - This boy dog is attractive in a cunning sort of way.
Fracas - This canine just loves a good fight.
Francis - The patron saint of Italy. Was especially devoted to all of God's creatures.
Francisco - Spanish - From France.
Frankie - "I'll do it my way."
Franklin - English - A landowner.
Franz - German - From France.
Frederick - German - Peaceful ruler. This doggie is only aggressive as a last resort.
Frisco - "My heart lies with the 49er's and Giants."
Frosty - He just loves to sled in the snow on his belly. A good name for your Siberian Husky or Alaskan Malamute.
Fury - "I will defend my territory with a vengeance."
Gabon - A country on the west coast of Africa. It's small and full of forests.
Gabriel - The famous Archangel who comforted Daniel in the Old Testament. He also brought great news to the Virgin Mary and the whole world in the New Testament.
Gabriel - The patron saint of messengers.
Gage - French - A pledge. This puppy shows a lot of promise.
Gaius - Baptized by saint Paul. He bacame bishop of Thessalonia and was martyred there.
Galahad - A knight of King Arthur's roundtable.
Galaxy - "I'm a thousand stars all rolled up into one dog."
Galen or Gale - Irish - One who is little and full of life. A great name for any toy dog breed - Maltese, Pug, Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, Havanese, Yorkie, etc.
Galileo - This boy dog loves to gaze at the stars.
Gallagher - Irish - Your ardent helper. This doggie likes to assist you in all your duties.
Gandhi - "Peace is my only demand."
Ganges - The large river in India that Hindus regard as sacred.
Gangster - "My growling sometimes gets me into big trouble."
Garner - French - Guardian. An excellent name for your guard dog.
Garnett - English - A person armed with a spear.
Garnock - Welsh - The dweller by the alder river. A good name for your Welsh Corgi or Welsh Terrier.
Garrett - Irish - A fearless spearman. This canine will defend you in battle.
Garth - Norse - A person who comes from the garden.
Garvin - English - A friend in battle. This dog will remain with you in times of trouble.
Gaston - The villain of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast."
Gator - This boy dog can fit a lot of frisbees or bones in his big mouth.
Gaucho - A cowboy of the South American plains. They're usually of Indian/Spanish descent.
Gavin - Welsh - Like a hawk. A great name for your diligent watch dog.
Gawain - King Arthur's nephew and one of his Round Table knights.
Gaylord - French - A merry lord. He is a happy leader of the pack.
Gazelle - A great name for any dog that is both graceful and speedy.
Gecko - "I'm a fabulous climber who has been known to hunt an insect or two."
George - The patron saint of Portugal, Germany, England, and Venice.
George - Curiosity always gets the better of this dog.
Geppetto - The maker of Pinocchio.
Gerald - German - Spear king. A good name for your German guard dog.
Gerard - The patron saint of Hungary. A good choice for Hungarian dog breeds - Komondors or Vizslas.
Germanicus - Saint Germanicus was a 2nd century man who was killed by wild beasts in the amphitheater of Smyrna.
Ghana - A country in western Africa, along the Gold Coast.
Gibrian - A 6th century Irish priest and saint.
Gideon - The Israelite judge and hero who led his people to victory over the Midianites.
Gilbert - English - A brilliant pledge.
Gilbert - A 13th century Scottish saint.
Giles - The patron saint of beggars. This doggie likes to hang out by the dinner table.
Gilligan - "Just when you think I can't mess anything else up, I do."
Gizmo - The original gremlin - just don't add water.
Gladiator - "I'll go paw to paw with any creature."
Goblin - A scary-little-monster dog.
Godfrey - German - God's peace.
Godzilla - "Mothra doesn't stand a chance against me."
Goliath - The giant slayed by David in the Old Testament. A fantastic name for any large breed of dog.
Goofy - This boy dog has long floppy ears.
Gordon - English - The one who comes from the triangular hill.
Gorman - Irish - A small person with blue eyes.
Gotham - Another name for New York. A great name for your new Yorkie?
Gower - Welsh - A very pure one. This boy dog comes from excellent blood-lines.
Grady - Irish - A very distinguished person.
Granger - English - A farmer. A good name for the boy dog that's raised on a farm.
Grant - English - Great. This male dog represents his breed well.
Greco - "I love the smell of Greek cooking."
Gregory - The patron saint of musicians.
Gretzky - This GREAT dog loves to play around with pucks.
Griswold - German - One who comes from the gray forest.
Groucho - "That's the best tasting bone I evah hoid."
Grover - English - From the tree grove.
Grumpy - This dwarf dog sometimes wakes up on the wrong side of the floor.
Guido - This boy dog loves singing operas in the rain.
Guillermo - Spanish - Steadfast guardian. Another good name for guard dogs.
Gumby - This boy dog is long and skinny.
Gunnar - Nordic - Brave warrior. He will defend you at all costs.
Guru - "Stick with me, and I'll teach you the ways of a canine."
Gus - The chubby mouse in Disney's "Cinderella." A good name for your slightly plump toy dog.
Guthrie - Irish - A person who comes from the breezy place.
Guy - French - A fighter.