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Girl Dog Names Q - S

Quartz - A semi-precious stone which is found in both transparent and colored forms. There are many facets to this girl dog.
Quechua - A South American Indian tribe which thrived during the Incan Empire.
Queen - A good girl dog name for a flawless pure-bred canine.
Querida - Spanish - Someone you hold dear. A good choice for your Chihuahua or Xolo.
Quintina - Latin - A term for 5th.
Quito - The capital of Ecuador.
Qumran - The caves which contained the dead sea scrolls are located here.
Rabi - Arabic - The term for a springtime breeze. This dog adds a refreshing element to your life.
Rachel - She is the younger of the two sisters who married Jacob.
Racine - A major city in Wisconsin. It's located on Lake Michigan.
Radinka - Slavic - A girl who is full of energy and contentment. This puppy dog gets the most out of her life.
Radish - "I'm the root of this spicy household."
Radmilla - Slavic - A worker for the people's interests. A good name for any guard dog - German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, Pit Bull, etc.
Rae - English - This is a female deer. A good name for your long-legged Great Dane or Doberman.
Raffia - A fiber used in basket-weaving which comes from a certain palm tree. This little toy dog enjoys being carried around in a basket?
Ragdoll - This little puppy resembles a rag doll.
Raindrop - Your solid gray dog who resembles a rain cloud - maybe a Weimaraner.
Ramona or Mona - Spanish - A very powerful and wise protector of the people. Another great name for your guard dog.
Rani - Hindu - The wife of the prince. A good name for your pure-bred dog.
Ranita - Hebrew - A joyful song. Her barking fills you with joy.
Raphaela - Hebrew - God has healed me.
Rapunzel - This pet dog has the best head of hair on the block. I picture an Afghan Hound with this name.
Rattan - A climbing type of palm which is used to make canes or wicker-work.
Raven - A solid-black dog who rather enjoys poetry.
Rebekah - The wife of Isaac.
Regina - Latin - A queen. An excellent choice for any pure breed of dog.
Regina - A French saint of the 2nd century who was martyred for her faith.
Reina - Spanish - Queen. Your full-blooded Chihuahua or Xolo would fit this name nicely.
Relic - A puppy that might remind you of one of your former pets.
Remora - An ocean fish which uses a sucker to attach itself to a larger fish. It rides along eating whatever is left over from the larger fish.
Renee - French - Reborn. You gave this dog another chance at life when you adopted her from the animal shelter.
Reseda - A fragrant flower of the mignonette plant.
Reva - Latin - To bring back to health or life. Another excellent rescued dog name.
Rhapsody - "I'm a pure delight to have around the house."
Rhea - Greek - A flowing brook or stream. A good name for any water dog - Water Spaniels, Retrievers, etc.
Rhoda - Greek - A rose. This girl dog is a real beauty.
Rhubarb - "I'm your favorite sweetie-pie."
Ria - Spanish - A river. Another good name for water dog breeds.
Ribbons - "My fur coat is exceedingly fancy." I good name for toy dog breeds such as Maltese, Chihuahuas, Pugs, Yorkshire Terriers, Shih Tzu, etc.
Riga - Latin - Laughter. This puppy dog has you in "stitches."
Rita - The patron saint of desperate causes.
Ritzy - A glamorous dog who boards at only the finest kennels in town.
Roberta - English - Brilliant with fame. This dog is well-known all over the neighborhood.
Rolanda - German - From the great land. An excellent name for any German dog breeds such as the German Shepherd, Doberman Pinscher, Dachsund, Poodle, Weimaraner, Great Dane, etc.
Roma - Italian - Rome. Your Italian Greyhound, Neopolitan Mastiff, or Maltese would love this name.
Rosa - Spanish - A rose. Any Chihuahua or Xolo would appreciate this girl dog name.
Rosalia - The patron saint of Palermo.
Rosalinda - Spanish - A beautiful rose.
Rosario - The 2nd largest city in Argentina.
Rose - The patron saint of the Americas.
Rosemary - "I consider myself the most fragrant of all your pets."
Rosette - French - A rose. A good name for French dog breeds such as French Bulldogs, Papillon, Bichon Frise, or Great Pyrenees.
Roxanne or Roxie - English - Bright shining one. Your pure bred English Setter, Beagle, Bullmastiff, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Old English Sheepdog, Whippet, or any other English dog breed would fit this name nicely.
Ruby - A wonderful name for your ruby red Irish Setter.
Rumba - A dance which originated amongst the Cubans. A great name for your Havanese.
Rumor - You sometimes can't believe this pet is for real.
Rupee - A monetary unit of India.
Russia - The largest country in the world. A good name for Russian dog breeds such as Siberian Huskies, Samoyeds, or Borzoi
Did you know?
Dogs shed their undercoats in the warm summer months and grow them back in the cooler months of autumn.
Saba - Greek - A form of Sheba (the queen of Sheba). An excellent name for any pure-bred doggie.
Sabina - Latin - A woman who comes from Sabine (ancient tribe of people living in Italy).
Sable - "My coat is pure luxury."
Sabra - Hebrew - Calm and peaceful.
Sabrina - Latin - The border-line. This girl dog likes to test her boundaries.
Sadira - Persian - A lotus tree.
Saffron - Expensive, orange-yellow colored spice. A wonderful name for your orange puppy dog.
Sage - Latin - Wise. Other animals come to her for advice.
Sahara - The name of the world's largest desert. It's located in northern Africa. A wonderful name for your sandy-colored dog.
Sake - An alcoholic drink made of fermented rice. It's a Japanese specialty. A good name for Japanese dog breeds - Akita Inu or Shiba Inu.
Salem - It's the famous city in Massachusetts where witches were burned at the stake.
Salina - A city in northern Kansas, U.S.A. Your midwestern dog would love this name.
Salome - Hebrew - Peace. Petting this dog brings you much peace.
Samantha - Aramaic - A good listener. Feel free to tell this doggie all your problems.
Samba - This is a dance of Brazil which came from Africa. A good name for your dancing dog.
Sancha - Spanish - Holy. Another good name for you Chihuahua or Xolo.
Sanchia - Saint Sanchia was a 13th century Portuguese nun.
Santiago - The capital of Chile.
Sanura - Swahili - She resembles a kitten.
Sapphire - Has very deep-blue eyes. Appropriate for any blue-eyed dog such as a Siberian Husky.
Sappho - An ancient Greek poet.
Sarah - The wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac, as told in the Bible.
Sari - A type of clothing worn by women of India.
Sashay - "I take my time going from point A to point B."
Satin - "My coat is very glossy and smooth."
Savannah - This dog just loves wide-open areas full of grass.
Scarab - Ancient Egyptians used this beetle extensively in their ornamentation.
Scarlett - The main female character in "Gone With the Wind."
Scholastica - The patron saint of convulsive children.
Scotia - A poetic term for Scotland. A great name for Scottish dog breeds such as Cairn Terriers, Bearded Collies, Golden Retrievers, Gordon Setters, Scottish Terriers, etc.
Season - "Its always the right time for me."
Secunda - Latin - A term for 2nd. A good dog name for your 2nd pet.
Selena - Greek Mythology - The goddess of the moon. This dog loves to howl at the moon.
Senegal - A country in western Africa. It lies on the Atlantic Ocean.
Sepia - A very fitting name for your reddish-brown dog.
Sequin - A spangle used to decorate dresses, purses, scarves and other items.
Serafina - Hebrew - On fire for God or Angelic.
Seraphina - A 13th century Italian saint who was paralyzed at an early age.
Serena - Latin - A very peaceful person. This dog takes all your stress away.
Shania - A real down home girl dog that loves to sing.
Shannon - Irish - Little counselor.
Sharon - Hebrew - Royal. This girl dog comes from champion blood lines.
Shasta - "I'm beautiful, but a volcano rages inside me."
Shawnee - A North American Indian.
Sheba -"I am the Arabian queen who appreciates true wisdom."
Sheena - Irish - God's blessing. Your Irish Setter, Irish Wolfhound, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, or other Irish dog breed would appreciate this name.
Shelley - English - A person who comes from the meadow on the ledge.
Shirley - English - Someone from the bright meadow.
Sicily - An island off the coast of Italy. A good name for an Italian Greyhound or Cane Corso.
Sidra - Latin - A child born of the stars. This puppy dog could one day be the Best In Show.
Silvie - French - From the forest. A good name for French dog breeds - Papillon, French Bulldogs, Bichon Frise, etc.
Simone - Hebrew - A person who obeys. This dog excels at any obedience training.
Siren - "I'm irresistible to all male dogs."
Snickers - A brown dog that really satisfies her master.
Snow White - This pet name would fit a dark-haired beauty very well.
Soleil - "I long for the French Riviera."
Sonja - Scandinavian - A wise counselor.
Sonya - Greek - A wise counselor.
Sophia - Italian - A wise counselor.
Spirit - "I'm happy to be your mascot."
Spot - "My master's creativity is sometimes questioned by others."
Spring - An excellent name for water dogs such as Water Spaniels, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Irish Setters, etc.
Starla - This dog is at her best when the sun goes down.
Starlet - "I'm an up-and-coming star."
Stella - "I can take care of myself."
Stevie - Rock on gold-dust woman.
Stormy - This dog can be ferocious at times. A good name for your girl guard dog.
Sugar - "Life ain't so bland with me around."
Sultana - A wife, mother, sister or daughter of a sultan. This canine comes from champion blood lines.
Summer - "I'm at my best when the days are longest."
Sunny - This animal will make you happy when skies are gray.
Swan - The most graceful dog in the world.
Sweet Pea - "I'm your dear little-girl doggie."
Sybil - "Please excuse my multiple personalities."
Sylvia - Latin - One who comes from the forest.