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Girl Dog Names H - J

Hagar - Abraham's Egyptian maidservant who bore Ishmael, as told in the Bible. A good girl dog name for Egyptian dog breeds such as the Greyhound or Saluki.
Haifa - The main port of Israel, it lies on the slopes of Mt. Carmel.
Haiku - A Japanese poem consisting of 3 lines and 17 syllables. A splendid name for your Japanese breed of dog such as an Akita or Shiba Inu.
Halifax - The capital of Nova Scotia. It's a port on the Atlantic Ocean.
Halley - "I enjoy howling at the night sky."
Halloween - "I'm a black dog who just loves to play trick-or-treat."
Harem - That part of a Moslem household where the women live.
Harlequin - A wonderful name for your many-colored comical pet.
Harley - This rough and tough dog would be right at home hanging out with a motorcycle gang. A good name for a big Great Dane, Mastiff, Pit Bull, or Rottweiler.
Harmony - Everything about this girl dog is in just the right proportion.
Harriet - French - A home maker. This doggie enjoys helping out around the house.
Harvest - "I'm a good farm-hand dog."
Haven - "My favorite place-of-safety is in your arms."
Hayley - English - Name for a meadow filled with hay.
Hazel - She has beautiful brown eyes with a touch of green.
Heaven - She's the sort of canine that you might find in Paradise.
Hebe - Greek Mythology - The goddess of youth. You hope this puppy never grows up.
Hecuba - Greek Mythology - She was the second wife of King Priam of Troy and mother of Hector, Paris and Cassandra.
Hedda - German - Division.
Hedwig - The patron saint of Silesia.
Hedy - Greek - Peaceful. This girl gets along with all the other dogs.
Heidi - "I'm the real Swiss Miss."
Helen - Greek Mythology - Helen of Troy was the most beautiful woman in the world. The Trojan War was started over her. A great name for a flawless, pure-bred dog.
Helga - German - A person of God.
Hellene - A name for a Greek person.
Henna - An outstanding name for a reddish-brown dog such as an Irish Setter or Cocker Spaniel.
Henrietta - English - The head of the household. This dog keeps your home running like clockwork.
Hera - Greek Mythology - The wife of Zeus and queen of Heaven.
Hermosa - Spanish - Lovely. Just try taking your eyes off of her.
Hershey - She's a sweet-natured dog that comes in either brown or black colors.
Hertha - English - Of the earth. This puppy dog loves digging holes in the backyard.
Hialeah - A city that's a suburb of Miami, Florida, USA.
Hibernia - An old poetic name for Ireland. A great name for any Irish breed of dog such as an Irish Setter or Irish Wolfhound.
Hilary - Latin - Joyous. She always knows how to turn your frown upside down.
Hilda - German - Warrior maiden. She won't back down in a fight. A great name for your German guard dog - German Shepherd, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler, etc.
Hilda - Saint Hilda was a 7th century English abbess.
Hindi - The official language of India.
Hocus - "I have a magic all my own."
Holly - This girl dog is your everyday reminder of Christmas.
Honey - "I'm golden-blonde and naturally-sweet." A good name for your Golden Retriever.
Honorea - Latin - Honorable. This canine will never betray you.
Honshu - The largest island of Japan. A good name for Japanese dog breeds - Akitas, Shiba Inus, Japanese Spitz, etc.
Hope - "Depression doesn't stand a chance when I'm around."
Hosanna - Greek - Praise to God.
Hoshi - Japanese - Shining star. She really stands out in a pack.
Houri - Islam - One of the many young, beautiful girls in Paradise.
Hypatia - Greek - Greatest or highest. An excellent name for any pure-bred dog.
Did you know?
Mastiffs and Saint Bernards are the heaviest breeds of dogs. They can weigh up to 180 lbs (82 kilos).
Ibis - A long-legged bird related to the heron. The Egyptians regarded this bird as sacred. A fantastic name for any long-legged breed of dog such as a Great Dane, Doberman, Greyhound, or Whippet.
Icicle - "I much prefer cold weather over hot weather."
Icky - "Baths make me feel yucky."
Ida - English - An extremely prosperous person. This dog has chew-toys to spare.
Ignatia - Latin - Faithful and full of fire. This passionate doggie will never dessert you.
Iliad - "The Iliad" is the oldest surviving Greek work of poetry. It concerns the last year of the Trojan War.
Ilium - Latin - Troy.
Illusion - "I'm capable of unbelievable dog tricks."
Iman - Arabic - A believer in Mohammed.
Imelda - German - A fierce fighter. An excellent name for your German guard dog - German Shepherd, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler, etc.
Imogene - This name is derived from Latin - meaning a likeness or visual impression.
Impala - A good name for a reddish-brown dog with long legs and great leaping abilities.
Inca - A tribe of Indians which developed a highly civilized Empire in South America, until conquered by the Spanish.
India - This peaceful girl is rich with history.
Indigo - An excellent name for any blue-eyed dog or blue-coated dog.
Indira - Indira Gandhi was the 1st woman prime minister of India.
Inez - Spanish - Flawless. A great name for your full-blooded Chihuahua, Xolo, Spanish Water Dog, or Spanish Hound.
Infinity - "I have an endless amount of beauty."
Inga - "I come from the land of the ice and snow."
Ingrid - Scandinavian - A child of the hero.
Inky - A wonderful name for your solid-black dog.
Innin - Sumerian Mythology - The mother goddess.
Ino - Roman Mythology - The daughter of Cadmus. She leapt into the sea with her son to escape her mad husband. She and her son were then turned into divine sea creatures. A great name for any water dog such as a Labrador Retriever, English Setter, or Water Spaniel.
Intuit - "I sometimes understand without you having to say a word."
Io - Roman Mythology - She was much loved by Jupiter.
Iona - A Greek term for violet.
Iota - This is the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet. It also means a very small quantity. A good name for the tiniest of girl dogs.
Irene - Greek Mythology - The goddess of peace. She would rather settle doggie disputes without fighting.
Iris - Greek Mythology - She was a messenger of the gods and was represented by the rainbow. A great name for your multi-colored dog.
Irma - German - A princess. An excellent name for your pure bred German dog - German Shepherd, Weimaraner, Dachsund, Poodle, etc.
Isabel - Spanish - Of God.
Isabella - She was the queen of Spain who helped finance Columbus's expeditions. This girl dog rules her household.
Ishtar - The chief goddess of the ancient Babylonians and Assyrians.
Isis - The chief goddess of the ancient Egyptians.
Ita - An Irish saint who lived in the 6th century.
Ivory - A wonderful name for your solid-white dog.
Ivy - This canine seems to be taking over your yard.
Jacinta - Spanish - A hyacinth plant.
Jackie - "I'm the first-lady of your house."
Jade - A beautiful green jewel of the Orient. Any Asian breed of dog would suit this name - Afghan Hound, Chow, Pekingese, Pug, or Akita.
Jaffa - A city in Israel. Among the oldest confirmed cities in the world.
Jamila - Arabic - Lovely. Everyone notices this puppy dog when you take her for a walk.
Jane - Hebrew - God is gracious.
Jasmine - The beautiful princess in Disney's "Aladdin." An excellent name for any pure breed dog.
Jasmine - A white, red or yellow flower with a wonderful fragrance.
Java - This little girl picks you up when you're feeling run-down.
Jeannette - French - God is gracious.
Jemima - "Sometimes my master sneaks me syrup - don't tell the vet."
Jennifer or Jenna - Jennifer is an alternate form of Guinevere (King Arthur's wife).
Jerri - You couldn't catch this doggie if your life depended on it.
Jessica or Jessie - A variation on the Hebrew term for a wealthy person. This girl dog is spoiled rotten.
Jewel - "I'm a beautiful addition to any setting."
Jezebel - "You sometimes wonder if I have any shame."
Jidda - A seaport in Saudi Arabia located on the Red Sea.
Jinx - This female dog certainly cast a spell on you.
Joan - Joan of Arc is a Christian saint and martyr. She led the French army to victories over the English.
Joanna - The snake character in Disney's "The Rescuers."
Joanna - A woman who aided Jesus and His 12 apostles.
Jocasta - Roman Mythology - The mother and wife of Oedipus.
Jocasta - Italian - Always happy. A great name for your Italian dog breed such as Cane Corso, Italian Greyhound, Neapolitan Mastiff, or Maltese.
Jocelyn - Based on the Latin meaning of joyous and merry. A merry little pet is she.
Joelle - Hebrew - God is able.
Jolie - French - Beautiful. You could spend hours gazing at her.
Jonquil - A type of narcissus plant with long slender leaves and small white or yellow flowers.
Jordan - A country located just east of Israel.
Josephine - The wife of Napoleon Bonaparte.
Joy - "I'll turn that frown upside down."
Joyce - French - Joy.
Juanita - Spanish - God is gracious. Another great name for your Chihuahua or Xolo.
Jubilee - "With me around, every day is a day of rejoicing."
Judith - A Jewish heroine who saved her people through her beauty. Has her own book in the Old Testament.
Julia - Latin - Full of youth. You often wonder if this puppy will ever reach adulthood.
Julia - The patron saint of Corsica.
Juliet - This girl dog cannot contain her passionate nature.
Jumna - A river in India that flows out of the Himalayas.
Juneau - The capital of Alaska, USA and a port city. A great name for dogs that love cold weather and water - Water Spaniels, Irish Setters, Golden Retrievers, and Labrador Retrievers.
Junia - Paul's friend and the only named (in the New Testament), woman apostle of Jesus.
Juniper - An evergreen shrub or tree with berrylike cones.
Juno - Roman Mythology - The wife of Jupiter and queen of the gods. This name would fit any full-blooded breed of dog.
Justa - A 3rd century Spanish lady who was tortured to death for her Christian faith.
Justina - Spanish - Righteous. You have to try really hard to catch her doing something wrong.
Justine - "I fight for the rights of oppressed dogs everywhere."