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Girl Dog Names E - G

Earlene - The feminine form of Earl (English nobleman). One of the good pure-bred girl dog names.
Eartha - "My biggest pleasure in life is going outside and getting close to the soil."
Easter - A good name for the puppy that you received on Easter - or that you resurrected from a certain death at the pound.
Ebony - An excellent name for any black breed of dog such as a Labrador Retriever.
Echo - Maybe she reminds you of another pet?
Eden - "Not having to work for food is paradise to me."
Edith - A saint of the 10th century who was an English nun and abbess.
Edna - Hebrew - Full of youth. You hope this puppy never grows up.
Edwina - English - A wealthy person.
Egypt - A great name for Egyptian dog breeds such as the Saluki and Greyhound.
Eiffel - An excellent name for any French dog breeds such as the Basset Hound, Bichon Frise, Papillon, or French Bulldog.
Eileen - Irish - Shining. Your Irish Setter would go great with this name.
Elan - French - Spirited and confident. Shy is not a word you would use to describe this canine.
Elba - A mountainous island off the coast of Italy. Napoleon was exiled here at one time.
Eldora - Spanish - Term meaning covered in gold. An excellent name for your Golden Retriever.
Eleanor - French - Shining. Her coat is dazzling to the eyes.
Electra - Greek Mythology - The daughter of Agamemnon. She helped avenge his death.
Elf - An excellent name for any toy dog breeds such as Yorkies, Pekingese, Chihuahuas, or Maltese.
Elixir - She's the perfect medicine for the blues.
Elizabeth or Eliza - St. Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist and cousin of Mary, the mother of Jesus - as told in the New Testament of the Bible.
Ella - English - Little virgin.
Ellie Mae - You can take the doggie out of the country - but you can't take the country out of the doggie.
Elsa - German - Princess. An excellen name for your pure-bred German Shepherd, Doberman, or Rottweiler.
Elvira - "I'm the mistress of the bark."
Emanuelle - Hebrew - God is with us.
Emerald - The name for a dog with beautiful, emerald-green eyes.
Emily - German - A hard worker. This dog earns her keep.
Emma - German - One who cares.
Emma - The title of a book by the great English novelist Jane Austen.
Empress - "I rule this household with an iron paw."
Enchilada - "I'm the whole package. Everything that you could ever want in a girl dog."
Encratis - A 4th century Spanish saint who was tortured for her faith, but managed to survive. A good name for the dog that you rescued from an animal shelter.
Enid - Irish - Without flaws. Another good name for a pure-bred puppy dog.
Eos - Greek Mythology - The goddess of dawn. This dog likes to bark as soon as the roosters begin to crow.
Erin - This is another name for Ireland. A wonderful name for your Irish Setter or Irish Wolfhound.
Erma - Latin - Princess. This doggie demands the royal treatment.
Esmeralda - Spanish - An emerald. An excellent name for Chihuahua.
Estelle - French - A shining star. Your Bichon Frise or French Bulldog would appreciate this name.
Esther - A courageous Jewish woman who saved her people from annihilation. A book is dedicated to her story in the Old Testament.
Eternity - "Can I be your pet forever?"
Ethel - English - Princess. This puppy dog comes from champion blood lines.
Etna - The famous volcano in Sicily. This canine has a volatile personality.
Etta - German - Small. A great name for any small breed of dog - Chihuahua, Maltese, Pekingese, Pomeranian, Pug, or Yorkshire Terrier.
Eudora - Greek - Humble and giving.
Eugenia - Greek - Royalty. A great name for your pure-bred dog.
Eugenia - Saint Eugenia was martyred in Rome in the 3rd Century.
Europa - Greek Mythology - A Phoenician princess whom Zeus loved. She bore him 3 sons.
Eurydice - Greek Mythology - The wife of Orpheus, the musician.
Evangeline - The title of a famous long-narrative poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
Eve - An appropriate name for your first female dog.
Did you know?
Irish Wolfhounds are the tallest breed of dog. They can stand 3 ft (nearly a meter) tall at the shoulders.
Fabiola - In the 4th century Saint Fabiola built the first Christian hospital in the West.
Facet - "Every side of me is simply beautiful."
Fairy - A great name for your little Yorkie, Maltese, Pekingese or Chihuahua.
Faith - A 3rd century French saint who was tortured and executed on a hot brazier for her Christian faith.
Fallon - Irish - A name meaning the ruler's grandchild.
Fancy - This dog is a future best-in-show. She has all the bells and whistles.
Fantasia - "I'm the fulfillment of all your pet fantasies."
Fatima - She was the prophet Mohammed's daughter.
Fauna - One of the good fairies in Disney's "Sleeping Beauty." A great name for any small dog breed.
Fauna - Roman Mythology - The goddess of fields and flocks.
Fausta - A 4th century little girl who was martyred for her Christian faith.
Faustina - Latin - Fortunate. This little girl brings good luck.
Favor - Do you love this pet more than your other pets?
Fawn - This little girl resembles a baby deer.
Fay - French - Fairy. A good name for a small French breed of dog like a Papillon or Bichon Frise.
Felda - German - Of the fields. An excellent name for your German Shepherd.
Felicia or Felicity - Feminine forms of Felix, which is a Latin term for "happy."
Feliciana - Spanish - Happy.
Felicity - The patron saint of barren women.
Fern - "I'm equally comfortable inside or outside, but please give me some shade."
Feta - "I just love it when my masters give me this Greek cheese."
Fetish - "I inspire irrational devotion."
Fidella - Latin - Faithful. This canine will always be by your side.
Fiesta - "I'm always in the mood to celebrate."
Fifi - "French cooking is my passion."
Fiji - A group of islands which form a country in the South Pacific, north of New Zealand.
Flamenco - A passionate style of Spanish guitar-music and dancing.
Flavia - Latin - Fair haired. An excellent name for your Golden Retriever.
Fleur - French - Flower.
Flicker - "I dance about like a flame."
Flipper - "I empathize with my fellow mammals."
Flit - The hummingbird character in Disney's "Pocahontas." Another good small dog breed name.
Flo - This dog's glad to be a country girl.
Flora - One of the good fairies in Disney's "Sleeping Beauty."
Flora - Roman mythology - The goddess of flowers.
Flora - A 9th century Spanish Christian martyr. She became a saint.
Florence - A city in Italy called the city of flowers. A great center of Renaissance art.
Florida - "I love to walk in the sand and sunbathe."
Flower - The skunk character in Disney's "Bambi."
Fluffy - "I was one of the original power-puff girls."
Fortuna - You lucked-out when you found this treasure of a dog.
Foxy - This doggie knows how to turn heads.
Freckles - A light-colored pet with freckles on her skin or coat.
Frederica - German - Queen. A great name for your pure-bred German dog breed: Affenpinscher, Boxer, Doberman Pinscher, Great Dane, Pomeranian, German Shepherd, Weimaraner, etc.
Freesia - A beautiful type of iris native to South Africa.
Fresco - A method of painting with watercolors on fresh plaster.
Freya - Norse Mythology - The goddess of love.
Friday - "I'm your right-hand dog."
Frieda - German - The dove. This girl dog brings you peace.
Fuchsia - A reddish/purple color.
Gabby - "I absolutely love to bark."
Gale - "I'm capable of strong gusts of speed."
Galena - The chief mineral which makes up lead. A super name for any gray-colored dog.
Galla - A 6th century Roman widow who was known for her care of the sick and the poor. She became a saint.
Galley - "My all-time favorite room is the kitchen!"
Gallium - A soft, bluish-white or silver-white metal found all through the earth's crust.
Galoshes - "I have large paws that resemble galoshes."
Gamma - The third letter of the Greek alphabet. A good name for your third pet dog.
Garbo - Greta Garbo is one of the most famous actresses in movie history. A great name for your drama-queen pet.
Gardenia - A solid-white dog who reminds you of a beautiful, fragrant flower.
Garland - "I am a winner."
Garnet - An appropriate name for a red dog whose coloring resembles this gemstone.
Gazelle - A great name for the dog that is very fast and graceful.
Gazpacho - A Spanish, tomato-based soup that is served cold.
Gehenna - The valley near Jerusalem where refuse was burned.
Geisha - A Japanese girl trained to sing, dance and entertain the opposite sex. A good name for any Japanese Dog Breed such as an Akita or Shiba Inu.
Gemma - Italian - A gemstone. A good name for the dog with pretty eyes.
Gemma - An Italian saint who lived during the 15th century.
Genesis - The first book of the Bible which tells the origin of the world. A good first dog name.
Genevieve - The patron saint of Paris.
Genie - "Your wish is my command."
Genoa - The largest and busiest port in Italy. It was the birthplace of Christopher Columbus.
Georgia - Latin - A farmer. A good name for any dog that lives on a farm.
Gerda - Nordic - A guardian. A great name for any guard dog.
Germaine - French - Term for a German.
Gertrude - The patron saint of the West Indies.
Ghana - A country in western Africa, along the Gold Coast.
Gherkin - A type of cucumber with really small fruit. An appropriate name for any toy breed of dog - Yorkie, Maltese, etc.
Gianna - Italian - God has blessed me.
Gidget - "I enjoy playing on the beach blanket with Bingo."
Gilda - English - Golden haired. Another excellent name for your Golden Retriever.
Gillian - Latin - Soft hair.
Gina - "Fettuccini Alfredo is my favorite dish."
Ginger - A wonderful name for your reddish-brown dog such as a Cocker-Spaniel or Irish Setter.
Giselle - A good name for your long-legged Supermodel doggie.
Giza - Egyptian city near Cairo. It's home to the 3 largest and best preserved pyramids in Egypt.
Glenda - Irish - Lady of the valley. A great name for your Irish breed of dog such as Irish Setter or Irish Terrier.
Glitter - "I'm the brilliant star of this household."
Gloria - Latin - Glory.
Goddess - "My charm and beauty are irresistible to ANY and ALL animals."
Godiva - The famous English noblewoman who rode naked through the streets of Coventry on her horse. This canine is happiest with nothing on.
Goldie - Formally she is Goldilocks, but around the house you can call her Goldie.
Goshen - The fertile land which was given to the Israelites while they were living in Egypt, before the Exodus.
Grace - This little girl is a true blessing from God.
Gracie - This dog has beauty, charm and wonderful manners.
Gratis - Latin - Free or no-charge. A good name for an adopted puppy.
Gremlin - "I'm soft, cuddly and cute - until you add water. Another one of the good small dog breed names.
Gretchen - German - A pearl.
Gretel - The girl character in the "Hansel and Gretel" fairytale. She and her brother Hansel were almost shoved in an oven by a wicked witch who lived in a house made of candy.
Gucci - "I'm the finest dog that money can buy."
Guida - Italian - Teacher.
Guinevere - The legendary wife of King Arthur.
Gypsy - This girl dog is happiest when on the road.