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Girl Dog Names C - D

Caesaria - A nun and saint who lived during the 6th century. She is noted for her care of the sick and children. A good name for any gentle girl dog.
Cairo - The capital of Egypt. A great name for any breed of dog that originated in Egypt such as the Greyhound or Saluki.
Calandra - Greek - A little bird. A good name for any toy dog breeds such as Maltese, Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahuas, etc.
Calla - Greek - Lovely. This canine is admired by all who see her.
Callie - Calico colors or someone from California. Also a shortened form of the next two names.
Calliope - Greek Mythology - One of the nine Muses. She was the Muse of epic poetry.
Callista - Greek - Full of beauty. This canine is flawless.
Calypso - According to Greek mythology, Odysseus stayed on this sea nymph's island for 7 years.
Cameroon - An African country.
Camilla - Latin - An attendant. This girl dog loves to help out around the house.
Camille - French - A spotless virgin. An appropriate name for the dog that is spayed.
Candace - Greek - A radiant white. A solid white dog such as a Maltese or West Highland Terrier would love this name.
Candida - An early Christian tortured and martyred by the Romans. She became a saint.
Candy - "I'm your sweet, guilty pleasure doggie."
Canuck - A great name for any Canadian breed of dog such as a Newfoundland or Canadian Pointer.
Capri - An Italian island in the Bay of Naples. A good name for dogs such as Italian Greyhounds, Maltese, Cane Corsos or any other dogs that originated in Italy.
Cara - Italian - Special friend.
Carat - "I'm worth my weight in diamonds... well almost."
Carita - Latin - Special friend.
Carmel - Hebrew - Garden or Vineyard.
Carmen - Latin - A song. This canine makes your heart sing.
Carnie - Shortened form of Carnival. This dog is all about having a good time.
Carrie - Stephen King's novel about a girl with telekinetic powers.
Casey - Irish - Full of courage. An excellent name for your guard dog.
Cashmere - "You'll never find an animal with softer fur than mine."
Cassandra or Cassie - Greek Mythology - Prophetess whom noone believed.
Cassia - A large group of plants which grow in tropical climates.
Cassidy or Cassie - Irish - Very bright and talented. This canine shouldn't have any trouble with training or tricks.
Catania - A port on the coast of Sicily.
Cathay - The name Europeans used for China in the Middle Ages. A great name for any Chinese breed of dog such as Chows, Chinese Cresteds, Pugs, Shar Peis, etc.
Catherine or Cathy - Greek - One who is pure. A good name for any pure-bred dog.
Catsup - "My name is sometimes spelled k.e.t.c.h.u.p.". A great name for your red Irish Setter.
Cauldron - An unusual name for a solid black dog.
Caviar - A pure-bred dog that cost you plenty.
Cecilia - Latin - Blind. The patron saint of musicians and poets.
Celeste - Latin - Of heaven.
Celine - For the doggie that is truly a Diva.
Champagne - A tiny bubble of a girl who has fancy tastes.
Chandra - Hindu - Of the night. Possible name for any dark-colored dog.
Chanel - "I just can't contain my fantastic sense of style."
Charisma - "My personality demands that other dogs follow me."
Charissa - Greek - A caring person.
Charity - "I rely on your generosity for my survival."
Charlotte - French - The little woman. An excellent name for any toy dog breeds - Yorkies, Maltese, Chihuahuas, etc.
Charmaine - Greek - Happy. She lifts you up when you're feeling down.
Charmin - "I'm a plump and soft pet. But don't squeeze too tight."
Charo - A wonderful name for your blonde-haired Chihuahua.
Chastity - This name means chaste or pure. A good name for the dog that gets spayed at an early age.
Cherie - French - A sweetheart.
Cherish or Cher - You will cling to and hold this dog very near to your heart.
Cherry - A good name for any red-colored dog.
Cheyenne - A member of a tribe of Indians originally from Minnesota. Also the capital of Wyoming USA.
Chiffon - "I love it when you put ribbons and lace in my long hair."
China - Excellent name for Chinese breeds such as Pugs, Chows, Shar-Peis, Shi-Tzu, etc.
Chiquita - Spanish - Small. Another good name for small or toy dog breeds.
Chloe - Greek - Term meaning young, green plant. You don't want this puppy to ever grow up.
Chocolate - A great name for your Chocolate Lab puppy.
Christiane - German - A Christian.
Christina - A Belgian saint who lived during the 12th Century. She could soar through the air and perform other miraculous feats.
Christine - French - A Christian.
Cinderella - "Someday, my prince will come... to take me away from all this domesticated drudgery."
Cinnamon - This little spice packs a mighty punch.
Citrine - A beautiful yellow-colored quartz. A great name for a Golden Retriever or Yellow Lab.
Clara - Latin - A shining leader. This girl is the leader of the pack.
Clare - The patron saint of television.
Clariece - French - Shining child.
Clarinda - Spanish - Great beauty.
Claudia - Latin - Mild tempered. A great name for any non-aggressive breed of dog.
Clementine - English - Even-tempered. Another excellent name for a non-aggressive dog breed.
Cleopatra or Cleo - The famous queen of Egypt. Good name for any dog that comes from champion bloodlines.
Clover - A 4 leaf clover means good luck - so it might go well with a dog that you saved from an animal shelter.
Coffee - A brown pet who is always alert.
Colette - French - Invading force.
Colleen - Irish - Virgin or maiden.
Columba - A Spanish saint of the 9th century who was martyred for her faith.
Conchita - Spanish - Beginning. An excellent name for your first Chihuahua.
Confetti - "I'm always the hit of the party."
Congo - A large river in Africa. A good name for an African dog breed such as a Basenji or Rhodesian Ridgeback.
Constance - Latin - Steadfast. This girl dog will never leave your side.
Consuela - Spanish - One who consoles. This doggie is always there when you need her.
Cora - Greek - Virgin or maiden.
Coral - Maybe a good name for any water-loving breeds such as Retrievers.
Cordelia - Welsh - From the sea.
Cornelia - Latin - Feminine. This girl displays nothing but grace.
Corona - Spanish - Royal. A good name for any pure breed of dog.
Cricket - This dog has long legs and loves to jump.
Crispina - An African saint who lived during the 4th century. She was a married mother who was martyred for her faith.
Cruella - The evil character in Disney's "101 Dalmatians".
Crystal - You're always seeing a different facet of this striking female dog.
Cuckoo - The asylum called, they're one puppy short.
Cygnet - A term for a young swan. This little doggie.
Cyrena - Greek - From Cyrene.
Cyrilla - Latin - A strong leader.
Did you know?
Dogs were the first animals to be domesticated by man.
Dacia - Greek - One from Dacia.
Dahlia - A very showy flower of a girl.
Daisy - An excellent name for any solid white dog.
Dakota - A tribe of American Indians which inhabited the northern plains.
Damita - Spanish - A small, respected woman. A fantastic name for any toy breed of dog that won't back down when challenged. Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahuas, etc.
Damsel - A very old poetic term for a maiden.
Danae - Greek Mythology - Mother of Perseus.
Danielle - Hebrew - God will judge.
Daphne - The attractive mystery solver on the Scooby Doo television show.
Dara - Hebrew - Someone full of compassion. You can tell this female canine all your problems - and she will be there for you.
Darby - Irish - Name meaning liberty. This puppy dog is always trying to escape.
Daria - Greek - A royal lady. A good name for the girl dog that comes from champion blood lines.
Darlene - French - A sweetheart.
Davida - Hebrew - Endearing.
Dawn - "My barking usually begins at sunrise."
Deanna - Latin - Someone who is sacred. You hold this pet very dear.
Deborah - A prominent Israelite judge and prophet in the Bible. This doggie is destined to lead.
Delia - Greek - Glittering. She won't be happy unless her collar is draped in jewels.
Delilah - A Philistine and the mistress of the Israelite hero Samson. She coaxed him into revealing the source of his great strength.
Delmar - Spanish - Of the sea. A great name for any of the water dog breeds.
Delta - The fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. An appropriate name for your fourth pet dog.
Dervish - A member of a mystical Islamic religious order dedicated to fasting and poverty. They are known for their whirling dances. If you have a little dancing dog on your hands, then this name would surely fit.
Desdemona - Othello's wife in the Shakespearean tragedy. Mad with jealousy over Desdemona, Othello kills himself. This female dog inspires irrational devotion?
Desiree - French - Term for an object of desire. You have a hard time chasing all the boy dogs away.
Destiny - "I was meant to be your dog - and you were meant to be my master."
Deva - Hindi - Goddess of the moon. This dog loves to howl at night.
Dharma - Hindu and Buddhist - The cosmic order or law.
Diamond - "I am both tough and beautiful."
Diana - THE Princess of princesses.
Dido - Ancient legend has her being the founder and queen of Carthage.
Dina - English - Of the valley.
Dionne - Greek Mythology - The mother of Aphrodite.
Dionysia - A saint who was burned at the stake, along with her young son and other family members. This occurred in the late 400's A.D.
Dixie - "My loyalties lie with the south."
Doe - This dog is as graceful as a deer.
Dolores - Spanish - Mary of the sorrows.
Dominica - Latin - Godly. A saint who was martyred during the reign of the Roman emperor Diocletian.
Dominique - French - Person of God.
Domino - A really good name for a black dog with a few white markings or vice-versa.
Donata - Latin - A blessing or gift. A good female name for the puppy that you received as a gift.
Donna - Italian - Lady. A graceful and elegant doggie.
Dora - "I love to explore when I'm not sleeping or eating."
Dorothea - Greek - Gift from God. This girl dog is a true blessing.
Dorothy - The patron saint of gardeners.
Dottie - An excellent name for the canine with spots such as a Dalmatian.
Downy - This puppy has the softest fur in town.
Drama - You never tire of watching this dog's antics.
Drusilla - Latin - A descendant of Drusus.
Duchess - The spouse of a Duke. A wonderful name for your distinguished pure-bred dog.
Dumpling - Your little dough-girl pet.
Dymphna - A 7th century Irish Christian who was martyred for the faith. She became a saint.