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Girl Dog Names A - B

Abebi - African - A blessing. This baby girl is truly a gift from God.
Abigail or Abby - Hebrew - Father is rejoicing. What a blessing this pet will be.
Abra - Hebrew - A feminine form of Abraham who was the Father of many nations. She was also a saint of the 4th century who died when only 18 years old.
Acacia - Greek - Innocent and honest. For a girl canine who looks very pure and innocent.
Ada - English - Rich. A great name for the pure-bred dog that you spent a fortune on. Also the name of a French nun and saint who lived in the 7th century.
Adar - Hebrew - The 6th month of the Jewish year. A great name for the puppy that was born in the 6th month.
Adara - Arabic - A maiden.
Adelaide or Della - German - One with noble qualities. Another great name for your pure-bred puppy or a mixed-breed who thinks she is.
Aden - A gulf in the Arabian Sea. Maybe a good name for a blue-eyed dog?
Adina - Hebrew - Lovely. This beautiful dog really turns heads.
Aditi - Hindu - Liberty. A good name for the disobedient canine?
Adolpha - German - The female form of Adolf, which means a noble wolf. Great name for a pure-bred German Shepherd, Rottweiler, or Doberman.
Adonia - Greek - The feminine form of Adonis, which means beautiful.
Adoria - Latin - Has adorable qualities. You can't help but fall in love with this girl dog.
Adrienne - French - One who is dark. An excellent name for any dog with black hair or eyes.
Agatha - Greek - One who has good qualities. This girl dog is the pick of the litter. Agatha is also the patron saint of nurses.
Agnes - The patron saint of girls.
Ahaggar - A chief mountain range in Africa. Wonderful name for any large breed of canine.
Aidan - Irish - Small flame. This little girl dog is full of passion.
Alabaster - A great name for your solid-white dog.
Alanna - Hawaiian - Of the sky. Possibly a good blue-eyed dog name.
Alberta - French - A bright and noble person. A wonderful name for your distinguished and intelligent pure-bred dog.
Albina - A little Christian girl who was martyred in Rome in 250 A.D. She became a saint.
Albinia - Latin - White.
Alesia - Greek - An assistant. This smart little girl will delight in helping out around the house.
Aleta - Greek - Traveler. This pet just loves to go places.
Alexandra or Alex - Greek - Protector of man. A great name for your guard dog.
Alfreda - English - Elf counselor. A good name for any small breed of dog such as a Maltese or Yorkie.
Alice - German - One with noble qualities. Another good name for a German breed of dog such as a Rottweiler or German Shepherd.
Alice - As Alice in Wonderland said, "things keep getting 'curioser' and 'curioser.'"
Alida - Spanish - An aristocrat. This girl dog comes from champion blood lines.
Aline - Russian - The shining one. This little female stands out in a pack.
Alisha - German - Someone having excellent qualities. Another good pure-bred name.
Allegra - Italian - Happy. This puppy is always there to cheer you up.
Allegro - A musical term meaning fast. This puppy is a bundle of energy.
Allison or Allie - English - An honest girl. You can trust this doggie.
Alma - Spanish - Full of fire or spirit.
Almira - Arabic - Full of truth.
Aloha - Hawaiian - Hello and good-bye. This canine loves to great you morning and night.
Alpha - Greek - First letter of the Greek alphabet. A good name for your first puppy dog.
Alta - Latin - The pinnacle. Your top dog.
Alula - Arabic - The first. A good name for your first pet.
Alva - Latin - Fair-haired.
Alzena - Arabic - Lady. This little girl is very well-mannered and graceful.
Amanda or Mandy - Latin - Endearing. This dog does your heart good.
Amber - An appropriate name for your brownish-yellow colored dog.
Ambrosia - Greek and Roman Mythology - The food of the gods.
Amelia - German - One who is industrious.
Amity - A term that means friendly relations. You couldn't meet a nicer dog.
Amy - French - Beloved. You hold this puppy near and dear to your heart.
Anastasia - Greek - Resurrection. A great name for the dog that you rescued from an animal shelter. Also is the patron saint of weavers.
Anatola - Greek - One from the east.
Andrea - A female form of Andre (which means masculine).
Andromeda - Greek Mythology - An Ethiopian princess rescued and then married to Perseus.
Angel or Angelina - A great name for any watch dog.
Anna - The 89 year old prophetess who prophecied Jesus Christ's mission when he was presented in the temple. An appropriate name for an aged, adopted dog that never lost hope.
Annabel - Latin - One who is loved.
Anne - The patron saint of home-makers.
Annie - Title character of a Broadway play. Good name for any orange haired or orphan doggie.
Annis - Greek - Complete or united.
Antonia - Latin - One who is priceless.
Antonina - A 4th century Christian woman tortured and martyred by the Romans. She became a saint.
Aphrodite - Greek Mythology - The goddess of love and beauty. You have to chase all the boy dogs away from her with a stick.
Apollonia - The patron saint of dentists.
April - A good name for a dog born in April, or adopted in April.
Ara - Latin - An altar. It is also a southern constellation of stars. This definition has been provided by Jennifer K. Thank You Jennifer.
Ardeen - Latin - Eager. This pet is up for any adventure - are you?
Aretha - This girl likes to sing.
Aria - An operatic solo. This dog needs no back-up in her barking.
Ariel - A great name for any water dog - your little mermaid.
Arlene - A popular name in the 1950s and 60s?
Artemis - Greek Mythology - The goddess of the moon and hunting. An excellent name for any hunting dog.
Ashley - English - Name meaning an ash tree by a meadow.
Asia - A good Asian dog-breed name - Chow, Pekingese, Pug, Akita, etc.
Aster - A plant with flowers resembling a daisy.
Astra - Greek - Star. This canine could one day be in the movies.
Astrid - Scandinavian - Power from God. A super guard dog name.
Athena - Greek Mythology - Goddess of wisdom. The other dogs come to her for advice.
Audrey - English - Strong and exalted.
Aura - This puppy has a special quality that surrounds her.
Aurea - A Spanish saint of the 9th century who was martyred for her faith.
Aurora - The proper name of Sleeping Beauty.
Aurora or Rory - Roman Mythology - Goddess of the dawn. This doggie wakes you a little too early sometimes.
Autumn - This pet has the coloring of turning leaves.
Ava - "I'm most comfortable in diamonds and pearls."
Avril - French - Variation of the word April.
Ayeska - Arabic - Mohammed's most beloved wife.
Bab - Arabic - The keeper of the gate. A wonderful name for any guard dog.
Babushka - Russian - Grandmother.
Bambi - The long, lean, sporty dog who has a docked tail.
Banshee - Irish Folklore - A woman who wailed outside a house to signal impending death. A great name for any dog that loves to bark.
Barbara or Babs - The patron saint of architects.
Barbie - Any of the small toy breeds would appreciate this name.
Basilia - Greek - Royalty. Another good pure-bred name.
Beatrice or Bea - Latin - Bringer of blessings. This little girl gives more than she receives.
Beauty - A lovely, solid-black dog.
Bega - An Irish saint who lived during the 7th century. She was noted for her tireless aid to the poor.
Begonia - A household plant with very showy flowers. This puppy makes a beautiful addition to your home.
Belinda - A variation of the Spanish word for beautiful.
Belladonna - Italian - Beautiful lady.
Belle - French - An attractive woman. Also, Beauty's real name in Disney's Beauty and the Beast."
Berdine - French - One who is radiant. This girl's coat has a beautiful shine.
Bernadette - French - One with great courage. A great name for your guard dog. Also Bernadette is the famous saint associated with the healing waters of Lourdes, France.
Bertha - German - Bright and strong. Also a French saint who lived during the 8th century. She was a female hermit later in life.
Bessie - Old faithful. A dog who is always there when you need her.
Beta - The second letter of the Greek alphabet. Would be appropriate for you second pet dog.
Bethany - A town near Jerusalem where Lazarus lived. A wonderful name for the dog that you rescue from death (animal shelter).
Bethel - A town that was north of Jerusalem. The Bible states that Jacob was here when he dreamed of the ladder between heaven and earth.
Beulah - A name for the promised land in the Bible. This dog holds a lot of promise.
Beverly - English - Beaver's meadow.
Bevin - Irish - One who is in harmony.
Bianca - Italian - White. Also the name of the beautiful female mouse in Disney's "The Rescuers".
Bibi - Arabic - Feminine. This dog is all girl.
Bijou - Oui, Oui, a beautiful jewel of a dog.
Billie - She's a tomboy who gets hives at the sight of a dress.
Birdie - A Labrador retriever or Irish setter dog that loves to chase birds.
Blair - Irish - A dweller of the meadow.
Did you know?
The first 4 months of a dog's life is known as the Imprinting Phase. Much of a dog's personality and social skills are learned during this period of time.
Blanche - A French form of blanc, which means white. Another great name for your solid-white dog.
Blaze - "All the boy dogs think I'm hot."
Bliss - This doggie provides you with priceless joy and happiness.
Blondie - A fantastic name for your platinum blond Maltese dog.
Blossom - This female reminds you of a beautiful flower.
Blueberry - The perfect name for your Blue-Heeler.
Blythe - English - A merry and delightful one. You can't help but be cheerful around her.
Bolero - A very popular Spanish folk-dance.
Bolshoi - A famous Russian ballet company. An appropriate name for your graceful, ballerina-dog.
Bon-Bon - Your extremely sweet chocolate-colored dog.
Bonita - Spanish - Beautiful.
Bonito - A large, fast ocean fish. A great name for a racing dog like an Italian Greyhound.
Bonnie - English - Name meaning pretty.
Bo Peep - The little shepherd girl in Disney's "Toy Story". A fantastic name for shepherd breeds such as Australian Shepherds or German Shepherds.
Botswana - An African country.
Brenda - Irish - Term for a baby raven. Your solid-black dog would appreciate this name.
Brianne - Irish - Courageous. A good watch dog name.
Briar Rose - Sleeping Beauty's name while she hid out in the woods.
Bridget or Brigid - Irish - One who is strong. Also a Swedish saint who lived in the 15th Century. The patron saint of students.
Brittany - Latin - One who comes from England. A good name for any English breed of dog such as the English Setter, Yorkshire Terrier, or English Bulldog.
Brooke - A super name for your water-loving Labrador retriever or Spaniel dog.
Brownie - Your little brown colored puppy.
Bubbles - This dog has a real bubbly personality.
Buena - Spanish - One who is worthy.
Buffy - "I enjoy slaying vampires and chasing tennis balls - not necessarily in that order."
Bunny - A white pet with pink skin like a bunny rabbit.
Butterfly - You might find this girl dog frolicking amongst the flowers and the bushes.